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A Few Simple Spring DIY Projects for the Home

It’s about that time when we’re all finishing up our annual spring cleaning and now, while sitting in your newly organized home, you might feel like something is missing. With the sunshine, blooming gardens, and green grass, I feel the need to make inside match the outside. I also feel the urge to craft, which is one of my favorite pastimes.

I am always scouring the internet looking for cool, easy DIY projects, and I’ve collected a few spring DIY projects for all of you.

Twig Candle Holder

This is probably the easiest of the three. You’ll need a candle holder with flat sides (no curving), garden pruners, craft glue (E-6000 is always a good choice), and various twigs. A fun way to collect your twigs would be to pick them up on a hike. The whole process is just gluing the sticks to the candle holder. You can view the full tutorial here.

Fabric Terracotta Planting Pots

This is such a great idea and picking out the fabric for it presents endless possibilities! Something floral would of course be great for spring, but you could choose anything you like. Other than the fabric, for this project you’ll need a terracotta pot, mod podge, and a brush. The fabric wraps around the pot and the mod podge works as a glue and sealant. View the full tutorial here.

Feather Butterfly Wreath

Searching through one of my favorite blogs I can across this adorable project that is for creating a spring wreath using yarn and feather butterflies. Other than those two things you’ll need a foam wreath, scissors, and adhesive for this project. The yarn is wrapped around the wreath and then the butterflies are attached in whatever way you’d like. The end result is very pretty. See the tutorial for it here.

Have fun experimenting with these projects as well as others you may find. DIY projects are awesome way to occupy your time. Happy crafting!

Photo courtesy of http://blog.fossil.com/

Manda is a senior in college and an avid writer. She runs a personal blog that contains all the things she loves, and is the owner of a quaint little etsy shop where she sells handcrafted items made with love and positive energy.
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