Post Party Cleaning Tips

Summer time is a great time to throw a party. Then comes football season, which means more parties followed immediately by fall, which is another great party season. With all the partying going on in your house this season, and the next season (and the one after that) it’s time to figure out a better way to clean up after your messy party-goers (I mean, who really doesn’t have the decency to throw away a plate of half eaten food at a party?). Unfortunately, your guests probably have no problem leaving a disgusting mess when they leave, which leaves you tired and forced to clean up way too much. Here are a few professional party cleaning tipsthat will save you a lot of time the next time you decide to have guests.

Start Clean

When the party is over, it’s easier to fill an empty dishwasher than one full of dirty dishes from your party prep. Clean as you go and start the party with a clean slate to make clean up much easier when your guests are finally gone.

Save Boxes

Did you buy a bunch of decorations that you now need to store somewhere until the next time? Save the boxes and containers they came in and put them immediately back in when the party is over. Now you don’t have to hunt down storage and boxes for those things.

Head Outdoors

When the weather is nice, take the party outside. You won’t have as much to clean up in the way of floors and counter tops, and it is okay if people spill on the grass. You can also walk through the yard with a giant trash bag and pick everything up in seconds, versus trying to track everything down in your house when your guests go home.

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