Summer Meal Ideas That Allow You To Skip Cooking And Still Eat Great

Nobody wants to spend time over a hot stove in the summer and with these summer meal ideas, there is no reason why they have to.  Let the stove have a break and enjoy these fresh summer meal ideas to serve your family.

Summer is salad season.  Salads are always in, but there are so many options for your salads when the weather is warmer.  Produce is at the peak of production and you can make so many different kinds of salads for your family to enjoy.  Put a spin on the regular tried and true veggie salads and introduce some fruits to your salads.  Spinach pairs exceptionally well with any kind of berries and vinaigrette dressing.  Spring mix is a great base for a bag of chicken strips and some shredded cheddar.  There are many combinations you can use and you can tweak them to your taste.  The main thing is, it keeps you out of the kitchen and lets you enjoy the gorgeous weather.

Sandwiches are a great example of summer meal ideas but you can go way beyond cold cuts.  Try tuna fish salad, ham salad, chicken salad or the beloved country hobo salad recipe which is basically using bologna in place of the other meats.  These are summer meal ideas that you can stir up in a flash and have dinner finished and on the table in half of the time it usually takes you to cook.

There is always the option of the grill for summer meal ideas.  You are cooking but usually, people don’t mind quite so much if they can be outside enjoying the sunshine at the same time.  Throw some steaks on and make a side salad or blacken some fish for the adults and fix hot dogs for the children.

Summer foods are an enjoyable change of pace compared to your usual fare.

Image Credit: Serious Eats


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