Break Your Snack Habit And Reap The Rewards

A snack can be a great addition to a diet or healthy eating plan.  But it is very easy to go overboard when it comes to a snack.  A snack should be something small, simple and healthy such as a handful of nuts, a small cup of yogurt or a piece of fruit.  Many people indulge in items like cupcakes, potato chips and ice cream instead.  Even the healthiest snacks can do damage if you eat too much of them or eat them too frequently.  If you find that you have got into the habit of snacking constantly, then you should probably take that as a clue it is time to change your behavior.

A good way to get control of your snack habit is to predetermine if you are going to have a snack each day and when that will be.  If you have already made the decision then you don’t have to debate the point when someone offers you some fresh baked cookies or you find yourself looking longingly at the treats you bought for your children.  If you are going to snack, you know when that will be so there is no use thinking about it beyond that fact.

If you are not dealing well with the temptation to snack, then there are a couple of things that you can do.  You can change the scenery.  Go for a walk or go do some errands.  Make it a point to stay busy.  It is much more likely to be something you forget about if you have your mind on other things instead of constantly sitting within eyesight of the tempting snack.  Focus on enjoying your meals instead of filling up on food that has little nutritional value or that kills your appetite for the delicious meals you have planned.

Image Credit: Skinny Mom

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