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Four Low Cost Decorating On A Budget Ideas

Decorating on a budget ideas are easy to come up with if you have some insider tips. Even professional decorators know how to cut corners to save their clients money. Professional room arrangers can create a whole new look for your castle just by using what homeowners already have. Their secrets include rearranging your furniture and repositioning accessories you already own. They charge a hefty price too. Their services can cost up to $500 per room. But here are some of their secrets that you can use if your decorating on a budget:

1. Find a rooms central focal point

Most rooms have a central point of focus that draws the eye. It’s usually a window or fireplace. If you want to spruce up a room, stand back and survey the room. Find out what catches your eye first. Arrange furniture around the rooms focal point. For example move your TV near the central focal point. This will help pull all the elements of a room together and will also make the surroundings pleasing to the eye.

2. Split up heavy dark-colored furniture

Another decorating on a budget idea that can really balance out a room is splitting up heavy dark furniture. Instead of grouping a dark chest with a dark-colored sofa, place them opposite to each other.

3. Turn larger rooms into two activity areas

When a room is so large that you and your family feel lost in it, section off a part of the room and turn it into a sitting area. Try putting a small table and chair in that corner.

4. Burrow furniture from the dining room for more seating

A lot of people have dining sets that come with two armchairs they barely use. It’s okay to use these armchairs for the living room. You can also burrow furniture from other rooms as well. A nightstand can turn into a hall table. Even an extra bathroom mirror can be used in a hallway.

Use a bit of creativity as you carry out these decorating on a budget ideas, Before you know it,your home will soon look like  a professional decorator had a hand in it.


Marlene Taylor is a freelance writer and certified New Life LLC coach. She writes articles on self-development, faith, health, business, finance and natural healing. She lives in New York and loves to write articles that help others improve their quality of life.
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