Ways to Make Overnight Guests Feel Welcome

At different points throughout the year do you typically have friends or family that spend a night or several nights at your home? Having overnight guests can be fun, but it can also add some stress as it may change your normal routine. You may find that you can eliminate some of the stress by being prepared for your overnight guests in advance. By doing this you will also make overnight guests feel welcome.

If you have a bedroom that is only used by guests you can wash the bed linens and clean the room several weeks prior to their visit. Once it is cleaned, make sure no one in your family spends any time in there or you will most likely need to start all over again.

Allocate some space in the closet for your guests to hang some of their clothes up. If they are staying for a week, you may even want to clean out a dresser drawer so that they can unpack instead of pulling things out of their suitcase everyday.

Make sure the pillows in that room are clean and comfortable, and place a nice pile of clean towels and face cloths on the bed for them to use.

Place a box of tissues in the room as well as a small garbage can.

A few days before your guests arrive; open the windows to air out the room.

If your guests enjoy flowers, buy a small bouquet and place them on the dresser in the guest room.

If you know what they like to eat, do your grocery shopping in advance. Make sure that you have coffee, tea, breakfast foods and lunch foods ready to go.

Consider making some dinners several weeks in advance that you can freeze and then heat up the day you need them. Some examples are Lasagna, casseroles, soups, and so on. You can also bake some cookies and muffins several weeks in advance and freeze them. Take them out and serve them to your guests when the arrive.

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