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20 Hacks That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

It’s not easy living day to day.   There are constant encounters and issues we face that unfortunately require a lot of our time and energy.   And many times we simply wish we didn’t have to expend it all doing mundane things.   Things like ironing a shirt or getting stains off carpets.  You know, the really fun stuff!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were some life hacks that could lighten the load on all of this stuff?  Thankfully there are.  We found 20 of them that you’ll love.




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5 thoughts on “20 Hacks That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

    • It’s obvious in Europe that American road signs have the exit number on the upper left if the exit is going to be on the left, and upper right if the exit is going to be on the right?
      Also, kudos to Europeans for knowing that tightening your abs prevents head rushes, aluminum foil will allow AAA batteries to work as AA and that Doritos are excellent for starting fires. Oh by the way, how are Greece and Spain doing? Has the UK finally gotten its rates of violent crime below that of South Africa?
      Perhaps Northern Central Europe would have been a more accurate area to imply that higher intelligence levels are prevalent in, though equally as pretentious and asinine in this situation.

  1. My thoughts exactly!
    “Too many groceries? use a basket”, “wrap the tea bag string around the handle”, “out of body wash? use shampoo”
    Thank you so much Captain Obvious! My life just got a lot easier!

    Americans are idiots!


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