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Celebrities are Just Like Us: 20 Pictures of Celebrities Working Out

There are many of us out there aspiring to have better bodies.  It’s human nature and it’s also the pressure we get from media.   And while things like surgery and photoshop speed up the beauty process, most of us not in the spotlight don’t have the luxury of these enhancements.

But it’s not like all of Hollywood is beautiful.  And it’s not like all of Hollywood is having work done left and right.   Many celebrities work extremely hard to have the bodies that they do.   In fact, many of them are “just like us.”  They sweat.  They toil.  They struggle.

And we just wanted to share a kick butt gallery of these celebs sweating it out like the rest of us do!  Just click “next” for all the photos!

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  • Prole

    Wow you are so right!!! Celebrities ARE just like us! Well, except for being attractive and rich… but whatever, right? Now I sooo get it, thank you!

    • Travis

      and most people don’t exercise either, so like us? like a few of us they actually exercise but get paid to look good, we don’t

      • Hoppla

        No they don’t get payed to look good. They get payed to act and sing or do you think all actors and singers are models?

        • ant

          Well yeah actually alot of celebs do get payed to look good. You havent realized that a bunch of so called celebs can’t act. There are also alot of cable tv shows that atar these so called celebs and the only reason they are on tv is the fact that they’re attractive and need absolutely no skills as actors. Its Hollywood, they’ll do anything.