Work and Life on the Road: Tips for Saving Money, Staying Healthy, and Safe

Some of the most important and growing industries include trucking, agriculture, and construction and in fields that were traditionally “men’s work,” more women are joining the hardworking workforce. While such occupations are essential to help keep our world running, many women spend a majority of their year living and working on the road.

Even though these industries pay relatively well, expenses on the road can add up quickly. Whether you travel for work a lot or are considering a career change that will take you places, here are some tips for saving money as well as staying healthy and safe.

Keeping Your Back Healthy

Many jobs keep you active while you’re on the clock, but if you are traveling from one destination to the next, your body can get stiff and achy from sitting too long. A healthy and strong back is important for any kind of work, but particularly in the trucking industry, agriculture, and construction. If your back is in rough shape, you’re more at risk of being injured while on the job.

Get monthly chiropractic visits if you’re able (a typical adjustment costs around $65). Keep a pain reliever on hand. Learn some basic back stretches or invest in a gym membership that you can use at any gym (within the chain) across the country. Want to really cut costs? Taking frequent stretch and walking breaks while on the road can do wonders for your body.

Ditch Distractions, Stay Focused

You may be wondering how ditching distractions can be a money saving tip, but distractions are a roadway hazard, can cost you a lot in fines, and may even cause you to lose your job. Life on the road can be lonely, but rather than using your phone while driving why not download some podcasts or audiobooks? You’ll be enriching your mind while keeping your eyes on the road.

Learn Self-Defense

Traveling alone can be dangerous for everyone, but women may be more at risk of being attacked while on the road. Every woman, regardless of her occupation, should feel confident enough to travel on her own. By learning some basic self-defense moves or even investing in pepper spray, it’s a little added security and confidence.

Eating Healthy

Spending weeks or even months on the road can make it difficult to eat healthy, especially when Interstates have diners and fast food. A cooler, a bag of ice, and a stop at the grocery store can keep you eating well and save money. Pack proteins and easy to eat food, such as trail mix or pre-cut veggies.

Don’t forget to stock up on water. If you want to avoid the costs of bottled water, invest in a filter for your refillable water bottle.

With the supply and demand from certain industries these days, you might find that a lucrative career leads to life on the road. Although there are some challenges that come from spending a lot of time on the road, you can succeed and enjoy your job if you consider your safety, health, and how to budget.

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