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Back pain is the second most neurological ailment in adults. Are you one of the many that suffer with back pain or are you looking to prevent problems in the future? Here are a few tips on how to strengthen your back muscles in less than 15 minutes!

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Krysten is originally from northeast Pennsylvania and now resides in Los Angeles, California. Krysten spent nearly 17 years working in commercial radio as a disc jockey before moving to L.A. Krysten's life-long passion in life has always been writing and music. Her greatest love is her teenage daughter. Krysten is also the proud owner of a 2-year old Basset Hound. Krysten says " I feel as long as I have the ability and brain power to write, there should be no reason to hold back. Though I am not a licensed therapist, I share my wisdom through what I have endured in my life. L.I.F.E is better than any PhD when it comes to having a talk with people."
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