Your Life: Super Bowl Snacks, You Can Store That!, What Mommys Should Say, Getting Over Heartbreak, E-Mails Done Right, and Planning For a BIG Dinner Night!

Do you often find yourself giving great advice to others yet you are so hard on yourself? Here is how to stop the negative “self-talk”.

The Links

  • Having a dinner party for a large family can be alot of work. Imagine if you had to do that nearly every day with a large family. Here are tips on how you and master the task! [Utter Clutter]
  • You’re going to be a new mom! Now more than ever is when you have to keep it classy! [The Daily Muse]
  • The Superbowl is almost here! Do you have your menu planned? [She Budgets]
  • Becoming a work-at-home Mom can certainly be an adventure. This series covers it all! [Money Saving Mom]
  • It’s a paperless world! Do you send efficient e-mails? [Productivity 501]
  • If you have ever been through heartbreak, read this inspiring story [Think Simple Now]
  • If you have  kids, you have crayons! How many plastic boxes storing crayons, glue, and everything that goes with making a pretty pictures for your home? Check out these awesome “Lazy Susans” [Houzz]


Krysten is originally from northeast Pennsylvania and now resides in Los Angeles, California. Krysten spent nearly 17 years working in commercial radio as a disc jockey before moving to L.A. Krysten's life-long passion in life has always been writing and music. Her greatest love is her teenage daughter. Krysten is also the proud owner of a 2-year old Basset Hound. Krysten says " I feel as long as I have the ability and brain power to write, there should be no reason to hold back. Though I am not a licensed therapist, I share my wisdom through what I have endured in my life. L.I.F.E is better than any PhD when it comes to having a talk with people."
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