Your Life: Using Coupons the Right Way

Do you recognize your worth and value in life? Everybody has a purpose and with that comes a value of sorts. Do you give yourself credit for the goodness within you? Today is the day you start discovering your personal value. Be inspired by reading these words.

The Links

Looking for great deals for the Spring! Go “sale surfing” with Mom Generations!

There have been rumors and claims made about aluminum found in deodorant. Looking for a healthy, all-natural alternative? Year of Jubilee has a review for you!

This weekend, add shine to your St. Patrick’s Day decorations made from a household item! Genius! Brought to you by Real Simple.

Redeeming coupons at the checkout counter feels good, doesn’t it? Are you using your coupons properly? Finances Your Way talks about common coupon mistakes.

Did you know that eating the right salads can protect you against cancer? She Budgets discusses the benefits of eating greens and how to prepare them.

Have you taken a trip down “Etsy” lane? It is one of the trending websites for people who love to shop–and sell. Read what Money Crush has to say about Etsy.

Oh no! AT&T will no longer be offering a limited data for wireless customers? This Frugal Dad talks about why the change is taking place.




Krysten is originally from northeast Pennsylvania and now resides in Los Angeles, California. Krysten spent nearly 17 years working in commercial radio as a disc jockey before moving to L.A. Krysten's life-long passion in life has always been writing and music. Her greatest love is her teenage daughter. Krysten is also the proud owner of a 2-year old Basset Hound. Krysten says " I feel as long as I have the ability and brain power to write, there should be no reason to hold back. Though I am not a licensed therapist, I share my wisdom through what I have endured in my life. L.I.F.E is better than any PhD when it comes to having a talk with people."
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