15 Good Looking Celebrities Who Destroyed Themselves with Plastic Surgery

axl rose

Celebrities probably feel more pressure than all of us to stay young and good looking, as they’re constantly in front of cameras practically every day of their lives. But unfortunately, this drives them to make some questionable choices when it comes to their bodies. Plenty of celebrities have gone under the knife for plastic surgery over the years, but sometimes it can go wrong. Very wrong. All of the celebrities you see here were at one point quite good looking, but botched or ill-conceived plastic surgery changed their faces and bodies more than time itself ever could. Check out the gallery for 15 of the worst examples.

Axl Rose – Like a ginger android

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152 thoughts on “15 Good Looking Celebrities Who Destroyed Themselves with Plastic Surgery

  1. Don’t these celebrities think before they do these ridiculous surgeries? Christ, some of them look like they had me do the surgery and I can just barely operate a pair of scissors.

  2. WHAT ABOUT CHER? The only thing wrong with this article is ALL THE ONES YOU MISSED! Many of your pix were not NEARLY as bad as CHER and others!!!!!

    • Butch, you’re right. I am always commenting about Cher. It’s hard not to stare at her upper lip. Seems like it was pulled down toward her chin.

  3. they all look like freaks. people should just fix what is VERY wrong–not get ridiculous. most need their teeth and noses done, not all that other stuff. SO many people are SO stupid!!

  4. Kenny Rodgers… Joan Rivers… Lisa Rinna… Some people just need to age gracefully.. I guess when they look in the mirror, they don’t see ugly…

  5. I agree with most of these, but keep in mind all these people are trying to keep up appearances, generally youthful appearances, so they can continue to get gigs. Hollywood is beautiful, and having a cousin who is in LA and has done acting and continues booking more things, has explained to me the importance looks play in getting parts. So before we judge too hardcore, do understand that in these ppl’s minds they are just trying to keep up to par a all these young artists and get jobs!

  6. No one likes to get old. These ppl HAVE to stay young looking (if you want to call any of these ppl young) in order to work. Not too many ppl in show biz grow old gracefully anymore. Their motto/chant/karma is “No wrinkles, no sagging skin, no age spots, no grey hairs – surgery forever!” I’d draw it for you but I don’t know how lol.

  7. Didn’t Mickey Rourke have to have surgery following an accident? The rest were just vanity (I guess- I hate the word celebrity, I haven’t a clue who half of these people are!-nor do I care) As my Dad used to say, “who are they when they’re working?” anyhow, when did they oversized lip craze begin? Aren’t they part of an almost caricature look that led that actress to be cast in a movie based on a graphic novel? oh well, that is what they all look like now – they really should have found Drs that had a better sense of prospective.

    • Actually, Mickey Rourke left acting to become a boxer.
      When that didn’t work out, he couldn’t get hired because his once attractive face was beat all to he11. Hence the overdone plastic surgery

    • Motorcycle accident, but yeah. Then he went into boxing in an attempt to revive a career which had held some promise in his youth. When he returned to acting, he admitted, like the victims listed in the article and on the page to “going to the wrong guy” and like most of those here, he was “strongly advised” to go under the knife for the sake of the career. Its horribly sad that such beautiful people get exploited and disfigured so badly because of someone else’s lack of skill, talent, education, sense, or money. Sad, too, that they should believe the lie that their looks and not their talent is why we love them.

  8. I believe that Rose McGowan’s surgery was reconstructive, due to a car accident, rather than her own choice.

    I have sympathy for her – but I also have sympathy for the others. The pressure to remain pretty, to remain young, is overwhelming and omnipresent, and their paychecks depend upon it. They have these surgeries for survival’s sake – and to then be faced with the consequences of poor surgeries must be a festering sore to them, day in and day out.

    • No, Rose just has a little scar under one eye is all. Revision was done on that, and a good job too – it’s barely there now. The rest was entirely elective.

  9. I laughed out loud at the Kenny Rogers comment. Do you mean we can’t even say the word RACES any more? Give me a break. There was nothing insulting about that comment. People have become so incredibly stupid.

  10. I guess they use the term “stars” loosely here. JWow, Montag, etc. If they are stars why don’t we include the key grip from Gremlins 2 or the casting agent from Halloween 5? I bet they have had some work done too.

  11. #1. It’s there money and there bodies, if they want it done who are we to say it’s not right.
    #2. At the end of the day they are the ones who have to look at this not us, cause you know if they mess up too bad 9 of 10 time, career over.
    #3. It’s time to for America to focus on what is important. It would be nice to turn on the TV and not hear about celebs or how horrible this world has become.

  12. With the money these people have and the resources available to them, they must be able to check out their surgeons competence before they just let someone take sharp instruments and cut them to pieces. Some of these were beautiful people. Hopefully they can sue and they should. They probably do, it is just part of the settlement agreement that they will not disclose that to the press. I guess if you finish dead last in your medical school graduating class, they still call you “Doctor”.

  13. I’m happy for all these people. I’m happy their maladjusted, groping, insecure, shallow and egotistical little lives can shine like a beacon on how “natural” should be cherished and happiness comes from within and “beauty” does not lie at the end of a surgeon’s knife.

    So… THANK YOU “celebrities”.!

  14. Some of these women are so young, like Megan Fox. I hope she just used botox because then it is reversible. Although recent photos of Meg Ryan showed that her face loosened up and she looks more like herself. I hope she doesn’t try to do it again. The saddest to me is Lil’ Kim. She was so naturally beautiful and now you cannot recognize her at all! Her beautiful eyes are now so tiny, and her whole face looks bloated and stiff. It’s just so very sad, like Michael jackson, he was such a handsome guy and didn’t look bad after his initial nose job, but became obsessed with plastic surgery and totally became freakish looking. His siblings and even nieces and nephews all had work done. It is so unnatural and nobody looks better, they just look strange. Everyone in Vegas gets face lifts, especially the men, and it feminizes them. They all look alike, as if they are wearing masks. Plastic surgeons should be sued when they do all that work and it isn’t necessary. They say plastic surgery can be addictive, that sure seems to be true. Even with people who are not celebrities. Aside from a nose job, I don’t think they should allow plastic surgery on anyone under 21, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Sorry for the long rant…it’s just so disturbing that this is allowed or that people are so insecure about their looks they end up mutilating themselves.

    • Plastic surgeries should be restricted to repairing damages caused by accidents etc. How about a ‘be kind to society’ TAX on any elective plastic surgeries of 100% or more like they do to automobile fuels. It is a complete WASTE of medical resources all for the vanity of it. I do not pity the mistakes like Bruce Jenner, they asked for it.

    • It’s sad. Perhaps after you adjust on feature, the temptation comes to adjust another. Look at Kenny Rogers. That man looked really good before. I thank God for my face. It is not perfect but I like it the way it is.

  15. UHM, what about Courtney Cox?? That woman used to be gorgeous, now she’s scary as all hell! How in the world she thinks she looks better now is beyond me. I guess they can’t all age gracefully like Jennifer Aniston.

    • Actually Jennifer Aniston is starting to look puffy and filled. She reminds me of Olivia Newton John – also using fillers and not nearly as pretty as she once was.

  16. How could you leave Courtney Cox off of this list. She went from pretty to ‘The Joker.’ Speaking of ‘The Joker,’ where is Cameron Diaz?

  17. This is a psychological disorder. There is a difference between maybe getting a little nip and tuck or botox for a more youthful appearance, but changing and augmenting the way look indicates a profound mental imbalance.

    • Pua Tahiti is right, Angelina gets collagen to fill a crease in the center of her bottom lip, but that’s all. The issue with a lot of the treatments is that it takes a day or two for the swelling from the treatment to go down, so if they get photographed too soon, they can look bad.

    • It’s not always the doctors. This often happens simply because people ask for something unrealistic and/or go to multiple Dr.’s. If one ethical Dr. turns them down, they just go somewhere else. The only one on here I can say truly was the fault of the surgeon was Tara Reid. That was just awful. But Mickey Rourke destroyed himself as a boxer then wanted to look like a star again, not gonna happen…

    • As a Plastic Surgeon, I can’t possibly disagree. Imagine a Heart Surgeon who would implant a device to supercharge a heart so a person could have superior performances. Medicine as a practice should never be overdone. Sending these uninformed dreamers to the appropriate mental health professionals is the right thing to do. As a surgeon, I’ve routinely turned people away from these bad choices. It is our job to redirect and keep them within the boundaries of a better version of themselves, not someone whose own mother couldn’t pick them out of a crowd of three. I’d be in favor of posting the physician’s name when they are party to these wretched results.

  18. What about Barry Manilow and Secretary of State Kerry; neither one can move their lips. You would think with all the money in the world to have this stuff done and the supposedly best doctors to do it, how could they screw up! I can only afford Thermage, but I still look like me, thank Gawd!

  19. With some of these celebrities if I hadn’t been told that they had had plastic surgery I wouldn’t have guessed it. Either way, it just goes to show you shouldn’t change what God gave you.

      • Many people suffer from a deviated septum and have Septoplasty surgery. This will NOT drastically change the look of your nose. Rhinoplasty is the reshaping of the nose and is completely different. Don’t let them fool you. What does often happen though is that the doctor will ask you if you want the shape of your nose changed. Hence, the Septoplasty becomes a Septoplasty with Rhinoplasty. It is a two birds with one stone situation.

  20. Ok some are fair enough but Axel Rose (aside from the corn rows) looks normal) and Jennifer Grey? Are you kidding me? She looks so much better post nose job, just like Ashley Simpson. Yea it changed her face and you wouldn’t recognize her at first glance. But that’s because that little tweak made her look more astounding. I don’t know why I read these, they just piss me off.

    I think i’m going to make my own list… “Real life pictures of online beauty critics…” with a little subheading of, “What went wrong and why they’re so bitter.” We’d all have a laugh.

  21. i do not believe Mickey Rourke had plastic surgery and his face changing so quickly was due to his stint as a Boxer halfway into his film career but don’t quote me

  22. Tori: When are you going to get rid of the extremely unflattering white hair? It does nothing for you, honey. Just look at your “before” picture. Much softer color for your face. This white is too harsh and unflattering. So is the hairstyle.

  23. Where was Melanie Griffins face ?? .. ( Most likely she’s hiding it ) … She looks more like her husbands mother than his wife …. ouch .

  24. Not very informative. Most of them look normal to me, if aging. Some obvious and horrific (e.g. MJ). How about before/after? How about a little more information? This was just a poor picture book with barely any captions.

  25. Frankly, Kenny Rogers looks pretty darn good for 76 years old. You’re not really showing before and after shots here. In most cases they are many years apart.

  26. They do this stuff because they look in the mirror too close. They over-examine and fixate on little things. If they’d take 2 steps back from the mirror at any given moment, they wouldn’t have the urge to smooth out every unnoticable wrinkle until they turn into balloon heads.

  27. Posh looks great. I think she hasn’t had any surgery to her face, but she has gotten very, very thin. Back in the day, celebs still ate carbs and just tried to work out 4 hours a day doing cardio. Now they go low carb/vegetarian and it takes all the bloat out of their faces.

  28. While I realize that this story is about celebrities who were attractive before plastic surgery, and that most certainly would not include Madonna, she had some major work done. It looks as if she’s had cheeks implanted, her eyes and brow lifted, along with her chicken neck. She doesn’t look anything like she did when she started out.

  29. Hmmm… with Victoria Beckham… I think it was more to do with the years she had been tormenting her body through anorexia and other eating disorders that has caused her to age so rapidly. Just look at the last Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson. She is only 24 but in her new 105 pound body she looks 45 – 50yrs old. O_O That’s what bad eating habits and unhealthy exercise regime does to a womans’ body… ages it and destroys it. It is not a pleasant mental disorder to look at.

  30. Everyone should consult with either Raquel Welch or Christie Brinkley before having surgery. Those are the only two that did it right, and I would love to know who their surgeons were.

  31. Uhh… you left off Carrie Fisher.

    I’ll never understand why they do this; history has proved that you look best just staying out of the sun, staying clean and fit, and getting a good makeup job.
    And, most importantly, you maintain your dignity and others’ respect.

  32. I always thought Jennifer Grey was absolutely gorgeous before her nose surgery. Saw her afterwards, and missed her nose. It wasn’t a bad nose originally, and it definitely added a uniqueness to her beauty. She’s still pretty, but now isn’t what she was.

  33. Frozen Face – or Botox – is actually useful for actresses. If it isn’t moving it isn’t wrinkling, so they tox up in between movies. A really good face lift will never be as good as preserving what you have.

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