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5 Fun Christmas Activities For Toddlers

Christmas is just around the corner! And it’s time to start planning some fun activities for your little ones. Toddlers are especially fun to celebrate the holiday season with. They’re excitable. They believe in magic. They want to experience it all. And you should experience it all with them! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of fun, toddler-friendly activities to have your own children do throughout December!

Do one a week or even one a day! It’s a great way to spend time with the family and create traditions.

1. Create your own Christmas story.

Sit down with your son or daughter and create your own Christmas story. If they can’t write yet, write it down for them. They’ll use their imagination. Practice their vocabulary and have a keepsake for years to come, not to mention a new story to read at Christmastime every year!

2. Decorate gingerbread cookies.

This is a quintessential holiday activity. Stock up on sprinkles and multi-colored icing. Little ones love to decorate (and tastes) cookies, so why not take it one step further with some gingerbread men. Have them decorate each cookie as parts of the family. Label the cookies and give them to everyone on Christmas morning!

3. Write our letters to Santa, Mrs. Claus and the elves. And Rudolph too.

Every little boy and girl wants to write letters to Santa, and they should. But help the kids write one to the rest of the Christmas family. Write a thank you note to the elves, see if Mrs. Claus wants Santa to take home some cookies for her to try and see if Rudolph has had a good year!

4. Make some classic garlands.

Grab the popcorn and cranberries and some construction paper too! Cut out strips of green and red construction paper and show the kids how to make paper chains to decorate the mantles and banisters. Then grab some thread and string on some popcorn and cranberries! They’ll have a blast with this activity and it will keep them occupied too!

5. Mix up some reindeer food.

All you need are some oats and glitter! Have the kids mix some up in a bowl and on Christmas eve feed it to the reindeer. Create little bags with each of the reindeers’ names on it. Then when the sun goes down have the children go out to the front lawn and sprinkle it about for the reindeers to snack on when they drop by.

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