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15 Surprising Pictures of Celebrities Without Makeup

One of the things we pride ourselves on with Shebudgets are informative articles that discuss health, our bodies, and our beauty.   However, much of the standards of beauty have been predetermined by the media.   We’re constantly flanked by photos of the celebrity and model worlds and it’s those photos that we see that we strive to look like ourselves. However, you’d be pretty surprised at the amount of “work” that these people do that isn’t necessarily “real.”    Which is why I’m kind of glad that some celebs now post makeup less pictures on their Twitter accounts.  Check out these surprising 15 celebrities without makeup pictures.

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  • jane

    i thought most of them looked fine without make-up, esp Jennifer Hudson. some looked like the photographer intentionally captured them in the least flattering light and moments.

    • PeterC

      I agree. I saw several who looked very nice sans make up. The ones who did not look very good were absolutely caught at the worst possible moment. The photographers were going for the worst, and they got it. To my eye, all of these women are beautiful. I personally would like to see more women do away with all of the make up.

  • Chrigid

    It’s good to be reminded that they don’t look any better or any worse than the rest of us do. Or, to put it another way, we look as good as they do under the same circumstances.

    • John Nicoletti

      There is a reason why Hollywood is called the land of make believe. They are supposed to make them look different. It is alll a fantasy, and make believe. These adorned people are the same as we non hollywood types, with the exception, they are extremely talented, in what they do. My two three daughters are in the beauty field, and the majic they perform on some of their customers, is truly amazing. In walks a bow wow, and out walks, Grace Kelly.

  • Sida Lee

    Such a big deal . . . why? There’s not a woman alive that doesn’t know how great that feels not to have to put all that junk on their face. Just wash, add a moisturizer and go!

  • angelosdaughter

    These photos are a great argument for never starting to wear makeup. When you do, you raise an expectation that you always look a certain way and when you choose to go without makeup, people are shocked to see what you really look like.

    • Robi

      Not only that, but wearing all that make up seems to actually be bad for their skin. I saw a lot of blemishes. I’ve never worn makeup and I have freckles but no pimples or blemishes.

      • Brim

        Um, the makeup probably didn’t do that to their skin. Some people have acne and some don’t. The more you have, the more makeup you need to cover it. Why would anyone use makeup if it broke them out?

        • Melinda

          Um, it is a well known fact that makeup most definitely causes acne, blemishes, redness, wrinkles, and other skin problems. The stage makeup celebrities have to use are extremely thick and even worse for the skin than regular makeup.

  • binh

    wow they look different, in a bad way:(

  • valerie

    In my opinion, makeup just makes a person look older then they really are when they aren’t wearing it.

  • kay

    Is it just me, or does Melanie Griffith look like Macaulay Culkin in his druggie days?

  • youareanidiot

    Who cares? Seriously? It’s just make up. Tons of women/girls don’t wear make up ever. Make up is not essential. And I also hate when girls tweet “hashtag NO MAKEUP” like it’s a big freakin deal. Wow, I mean, you go to bed w/o make up on and wake up w/o it on. What’s the point? Insecure ppl fishing for compliments. Nobody is perfect, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • http://twitter.com/reverendflash Reverend Flash

    I thought Kirstie Alley looked surprisingly good in that photo. She’s actually still a good looking woman when she keeps the weight off.
    But Calista Flockhart? I thought it was the much-older Mia Farrow when I first saw her pic.

  • http://Don'tknow Phil Espinoza

    This is what Normal is! Hollywood shows us perfect looks most times….They are normal as You and I! I mean, I scare myself many times in the morning mirror!

  • Bill Greenlee

    With or without, young or old, they’re all beautiful, like flowers in a field.

  • Megan

    It would be better if the without makeup pictures were not also pictures taken at bad moments or with the celelbs making bad faces. of course they will look worse then.

  • Deb

    I thought Charlize Theron was “glowing” w/o makeup…

  • gigi

    Maria Shriver looks evil. It is apparent that the photogs were intentionally going for the worst possible shot in most of these pics. Jennifer Hudson, Kirstie Alley, and Alicia Silverstone look pretty good. Charlize Theron looks beautiful, as always. If I could come back in another life and look like anyone, I would look like her. (I would also have Sheryl Crow’s voice. lol)

  • C Shell

    When will people, especially younger people learn that famous people are “presented” in a way that enhance their looks. Actors, models, etc. I guarantee you would never recognize them on the street on their “down time”. Photoshop, surgery, makeup, hair stylists and personal trainers are part of their DAILY lives. Its a fairy tale to wake up naturally that way everyday. Most of the women in this particular spread have a healthy dose of natural beauty to their credit. You should BE so lucky as to look look this good at their age, naturally.

  • jack

    they look like crack heads

  • zuzu

    We cant say that these folks dont have ANY makeup on..they might not have on FOUNDATION but several of them have plenty of eye makeup on…We want to see them REALLY with a bare face…

  • GetReal

    Most of them (not all) look fine. I might not recognize some of them if I ran into them, but they still looked OK.

  • Peggy

    They are all beautiful and so are we. Why are people so hung up on looks? It’s what’s inside that counts. Yes, some of the photos are not flattering, but that’s reality. It doesn’t mean they’re ugly people.

  • Kitty

    Non celebs, for the most part, look fine without makeup. I think the reason the celebs look worse is because they have so much junk put on their face for movies, tv shows, concerts, and so on. It would take a bit of scrubbing to get the crap off their face and that leaves their faces red, blotchy, and pasty. People’s faces are not perfect. I wouldn’t wear makeup either, if I had to wear the junk caked on my face for work! Good for them. They are people and should be able to relax during their time off.

  • Beatrice

    One thing the photo emphasizes is how unnatural plastic surgery and facelifts look. Sharon Osbourne should have gone to a different plastic surgeon. Without make-up, you can see that her brows were lifted too much and her mouth has the over-stretched Joker look. She went through hell recovering from that surgery (she showed pictures of herself looking bruised and bandaged) and spent a lot of money. Yet, the results are overdone and not good. She should have either skipped the surgery or found a surgeon that wasn’t so aggressive and would have given her a more natural look.

  • Michelle

    I thought most everyone looked good. Pink was adorable but I didn’t figure out it was her, at first. A lot of these pictures showed these actresses (how ’bout a story showing the guys just getting out of bed, no hair / make up?) in very unattractive expressions, and no one looks good all the time.
    Bottom line, for me, is that I seldom leave the house w/o a little make up. If I were in the public eye, I think that I’d never leave the house w/o make up.

  • http://www.marionstein.net Marion

    Some of them look fine without make-up. Most of these are just unflattering photos, which we all have. No surprise that even celebrities don’t look the same when they’re just walking around as they do on the red carpet. The amazing thing to me is that even the older ones seem to lack any vertical or horizontal lines on their foreheads. Most be something about the weather or something.

  • Robin

    I love this slide show because it shows how totally normal and regular these beautiful women are, and how they are still very beautiful without makeup. Especially 60 something Maria Shriver! She looks great, and I hope the got that thing out of her teeth with the business card–i know I use business cards in my car ALL THE TIME for that. Made me giggle.

    Stars. They’re just like us.

  • Cora Gilbert

    Maria Shriver looks more and more like her grandmother, Rose Kennedy, with each passing day. I wonder if anyone will ever want to make a movie about Rose——-here is the perfect one to play the part.

  • 4andcounting

    Why do people hold celebrities up like they’re flawless? I think it’s great that they are willing to get out without makeup on…more power to them.
    If only it was applauded instead of made fun of maybe our daughters wouldn’t be so worried about how they look.

  • ja4971

    Some are startling, but most of these ladies look just fine with no makeup!

  • Vitold Ravitsky

    They all look really great to me. They could buy me supper. Rosanne and Kirstie look slim and trim.

  • Steve Gibson

    How about a photo of Bruce Jenner without makeup?

    • Allan Davis

      So Bill is keeping track of Bruce’s progress to being a true conquest. Hildabeast is using plastic wood for makeup.

      • RV99

        A conquest of what?

  • Paul

    Melanie Griffith looks 70.

    • Debra

      She’s pretty close no??

  • Denise Peace

    This is a pretty unflattering pic of Rosanna Arquette. Give the woman a break! She is well over 50, she inspired a Toto song, and she is one of the most bestest characters is Pulp Fiction.

  • ed57

    I think Ripa looks gorgeous without makeup too!…..YES The natural look is better. Its honest and real. You get what you see!

  • ed57

    A. Silverstone and C. Applegate…..yes!

  • Texas001

    These pictures just go to show that there are not many “natural beauties” in Hollywood.

  • Jasmine

    When was Renee Zellweger in Moulin Rouge? I remember Nicole Kidman being in that movie. Renee Zellweger was in Chicago.

    • johnrmccommas

      You are correct. That is an error.

  • Toni Curtis

    Charlize You look GORGEOUS ,without make-up !

  • Proud UCC Pastor

    They are all just gorgeous without make up or with.

  • lisawjunk

    Brooke Shields – clearly one of the most naturally beautiful women who ever lived. And incredibly cool, too.

    • Jim USMC Scot

      Those eyebrows are gonna eat you

  • libra8a .

    My job had me working on and around Princeton University. I saw more beautiful woman without make up than the celebs in Hollywood.

  • Doris James


  • liloubou

    I understand that the person that wrote this article, (Ali Waller) may not speak perfect English, or perhaps doesn’t have the best vocabulary skills…while the article itself is “ok”, one huge mistake I must point out is that Christina Applegate PORTRAYED the character Kelly on Married with Children, she did not BETRAY the role, as this would have been impossible for her to do. You BETRAY a friends confidence by telling others information that they have asked you to keep secret…Actresses portray characters. Thank you.

  • Just_Say’en

    WOW what a shallow article…

  • Jim USMC Scot

    Again! These women are wearing makeup. Blush, lip stick eye liner. They’re just not wearing the hooker level makeup they usually wear.

  • Jim USMC Scot

    Rippa is needed at the North Pole. Theyre running short on toys

  • Lorrainne Curran

    renee zellweger wasn’t in moulin rouge. great article.

  • Tri Light Sunset Stars

    Of course, they pick the worst possible picture to display.

  • Prismonic

    Not surprising. Next.

  • JM

    The captions on this set were completely horrendous! Cant they afford someone who has taken an english class to write their captions?

  • Thump

    Amazing what reverse photoshop can do. Rippa looks great without make up.

  • Vladislov Kyzinski

    Fools names and fools faces

    Are often seen

    In public places.

  • Vladislov Kyzinski

    She looks like a friendly neighbor lady from my home town.

  • johnrmccommas

    I had to think about it but now I know who “pink” looks like — River Phoenix. Only more butch.

  • johnrmccommas

    Another error is that Melanie Griffith was the real girl, not the robot (which was Pamela Gidley) in Cherry 2000 and IN FACT in an up-coming movie Griffith is the voice of a robot with her soon to be ex-husband Antonio Banderas in “Autómata”. Do your homework Ali Waller!

    • SIvan Johnson

      No real man at any time would choose a robot over a real woman .

  • Allan Davis

    I have loved Christina Applegate she looks great in the picture

  • usathoughts

    They all seem to have a skin problem or is it just a bad camera? Probably from all the years of using toxic makeup.

    Sure makes me appreciate the rural gals in Texas.

  • highvolumelp


  • upagainstthewall

    I think the author did a nice job with this article. Our famous stars are people too… so it was refreshing that she refrained from insulting those that many of us have learned to love for the gifts that they share with the world. :)

  • Bill Fleming

    Shriver, I call her Skeletor has eye liner on

  • geoff

    Brooke was noticed by audiences in “Blue Lagoon”? Did they hand out LSD at the box office?

    • Matthew V. Brown

      Brooke was stunning back then.

  • Voice_of_Reason

    Celebrities? Huh.

  • BarnRooster

    In most cases, a flame thrower is needed.

  • KristenSuzanneM

    She looks tired…

  • TexasDey

    The one thing I’ve noticed is that most of them have really bad skin. Too much makeup over an extended period of time will do that.

    At best I would say they are ordinary looking.

  • Rich Yo Scales

    some of these celebs are actually still wearing makeup

  • Rich Yo Scales

    walk around a town, you’ll see many lovely women without makeup, MUCH better than what Hollywood shows off

  • Brian Leith

    They all look pretty darn good!