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20 Hollywood Celebrities with the Highest Net Worth

I know that many of us are struggling to make ends meet right now.  I know that most of us are in an economy that’s pretty tough to deal with.  But you know what?  We still love our movies and we still love our television don’t we?  You betcha! So while we continue to pay good money to get to the movies and see our favorite programs, someone has to see some of that cash right?  Right.   Well we all know that it mostly goes to the executives and the stars of the programs we pay for.   So who actually makes the most?  Well, in terms of celebrities we’ve gathered the top 20 for your perusal.

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  • blucru

    I love them all except the Proponents of [SELF-ABUSER L. RON HUBBARD]………

    • Tom

      I love how this list is awful? Don’t you. Adam Sandler is worth $300 million. Clint Eastwood $375 million. Even in the middle. Sean Penn $120M. JACK NICHOLSON! $400 MILLION! Tom Hanks $350M. Leonardo DeCaprio $200M. Ben Stiller $120M. Mark Wahlberg $150M. I mean. so much of this list is bad, It’s not even a joke. It’s like they just thought of 20 actors they thought might be worth the most, then used celebritynetworth.com to see if they were right. Then some intern didn’t know that $140 was smaller than 160 and made the list that way. SERIOUSLY!!

      • Mike

        How in the world is Adam Sandler worth more than Clint Eastwood, or even DiNiro for that matter? I would think Eastwood has to be worth at least half a billion dollars anyway with all the movies he has done over his career! Same thing for DiNiro! Sandler worth
        $ 300 million? That’s got to be way off! One too many zeros!

        • DennisTheMenance

          Most of Clint Eastwoods Movies were not Big $ makers
          add his Divorces took alot of it away from him as well

          • Mavis Johnson

            Clint was only divorced once, years ago.! Many children and mistresses, but so far, only two wives, including the present one.

        • rozethornbaba

          Its because most of his movies he writes and makes himself.

      • Jamie

        Not to mention Lars and James from Metallica $175 million, Dave Grohl $225 million, Ringo Starr $300 million, David Bowie and Paul Mcartney are BILLIONAIRES!!

        • NUSCHLER

          Regarding Sir Paul. His fortune is at $600 million dollars. His new wife is very wealthy and she brought 300 million into the marriage.

          But his divorce from Heather Mills was disastrous and he ended up selling almost all the great Lennon and McCartney songs to….Michael Jackson.

          So Sir Paul at age 69 is back on tour. I can’t believe I am talking about people who make hundreds of millions of dollars and I’m on social security.. unable to work because of cancer!

      • Smh

        Exactly! They started from 65 and then jumped and skipped so many! Daniel radcliffe, leo dicaprio and soo many more. Smh

    • Gayle

      This list isn’t even close to right! Where’s Oprah or Madonna? Madge is worth close to a billion dollars and Oprah’s worth more.

  • Joe Vargas

    ahhh… I think this list is very wrong… missing people like Clint Eastwood who they say conservatively has a net worth of $375 million… or what about Steven Spielberg???

    • Jay Thompson

      I agree that there are those plus others that have to have made more than some of those

  • OffshoreSlim

    Yeah, This list can not be true…. Where did drew cary get all that money from? Price is right? I dont think so… And John travlta can’t afford to have an airport in his backyard with 160 million net worth. What is the source?

    • joyful

      whoa, what’s this?–Clooney @ #10 with $160 m and Will Smith @ #9 with $140 million? HELLO?

    • Kurt

      Drew Carrey probably owns the rights to The Drew Carrey Show, which ran for a long time.

  • Mikey

    Yeah, this list is far from accurate. I don’t know if the term “Hollywood” is meant to refer exclusively to actors and that’s why only actors are included on this list, but any list that doesn’t include Oprah or Madonna when talking about highest net worth is a joke.

  • Rob C

    Also where is Tom Hanks? His net worth is rated pretty close to Steven Spielbergs. I find it pretty tragic that Aston Kutchter has a net worth rivalling Denzel Washington. Ashton has made 24 movies, and not one of them has broken even in reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. I am pretty sure if Ashton and Catherine Heigel had a kid, the Screen Actor Guild would collectively commit suicide… Shouldn’t net worth as an actor or actress have at least some to do with acting ability????

    • Bre

      Why would net worth correlate to acting ability? If it did none of these hacks would be rich. At best they’d be middle class.

      • doug

        Really? So you think Robert De Niro Can’t act? LOL

    • don

      It is not just how much you earn. It is how much you save. My neighbour earns over 400K per year ( I do his taxes ) which is about 290K more than my wife and I earn. We have a lot more savings than he does. We just don’t have 2 Mercedes/boat/every toy you can imagine or a 6 car garage.

    • BigGuy

      But Ashton is a big investor in high tech start ups. He’s not a dummy, though he played one on the Seventies Show.

      He’s worth way more than $200 million.

  • Blerg


    Drew Carey was making $750,000 an episode by the last season of The Drew Carey show, which ran for 233 episodes. He had great agents at the time who netted him an amazing Syndication deal that led to episodes being fllmed even after ABC stopped airing the show. Carey also famously has said that he is frugal and lives off of interest alone which means that his account steadily increases. I have no doubt that he is worth at least what this article notes.

    I can’t speak on Travolta, but I’ve admired Drew Carey’s financial accumen for many years!

    • Bolivar Shagnasty

      I hope he is worth that much. Nice guy. Bought me breakfast one morning up at Tahoe.

  • Mike Jones

    And yet we don’t see obama bringing busloads of the so-called 99%-ers to the homes of the extravagantly wealthy hollywood elites’ homes to set up camp in their front yards and demand that their money gets redistributed to the lazy bums who don’t want to work and want to sponge off of welfare their whole lives. And amazingly, there is no national interest in the fact that these celebs don’t pay their “fair share”of taxes either – they hide their money and use every loophole to get out of paying, yet obama has them as guests at the white house and the mainstream media never challenges these rich frauds who don’t contribute anything to society or create any jobs, about their hypocrisy in espousing the liberal left mantra of socialism. Odd.

    • Connie

      You are so right Mike. I read the book Hollywood Hypocrites. Tells it like it is.

      • PhD2009

        Mike Jones and Connie, you’re both idiots. You LOST. Get over it. And get ready to say hello to President Clinton in a few years. President HILLARY Clinton, that is.

    • kip

      ahhh and there’s a political hack of course throwing in an Obama rant in an article about Hollywood; you sick, twisted right wing domestic terrorist need to get long, slow life enema

    • konviser

      And when did you see Obama bringing busloads of people to the homes of business magnates (the richest of whom, by the way, are worth (literally) about 200 times more than the richest people on this list) to camp and protest? If you point to Occupy Wall Street, I say, Where is your evidence that Obama had anything to do with that? And was there anything in Obama’s proposals about the rich paying highere taxes that would have exempted Hollywood’s rich?

  • Melissa Jensen

    What? No Oprah?

  • Reality

    These stars are only worth millions only if the dollar retains it’s worth as a world’s reserve currency.

  • david

    How about Larry David and Seinfeld both worth 800 million each or Julia Louis Dreyfus she is worth an estimated 2.9 billion?

    • Mitch

      I know that Jerry Seinfeld got a great deal on syndication Plus during series heyday he added
      to it but putting It at 800 million might be a bit high. I am not aware of who Larry David is he an actor or a producer?? And Julia Louis Dreyfus what did she come in worth 2.9 billion what it all her money come from? Great stock Buys or tech stock buys like Ashton Kutcher made can reap great rewards since stock kept over one year can have the entire profit taxed at 15% when redeemed or cashed in… Some deal right..and That says nothing about the offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands Switzerland or other places like that. Not actors take lump sum up front. Many take %s of gross profit since there never is any net profit left…… And anyway income in stock or dividends in any form is preferable to taking cash upfront .?..so many ways screw the pooch as it were. There are many many more ways to beat the punch on Taxes. I enjoyed your comments

      • Jason

        julia louise dreyfuss was already rich since her father was a billionaire.

      • mike

        Family money, huge financial institution, Dryfus Funds.

    • lakawak

      Larry David and Seinfeld are not worth that. That is the TOTAL for Seinfeld’s syndication packages. They didn’t BOTH get to magically get to keep all of it. As for Julia Louis Dreyfus…she is not worth that. She stands to inherit part of a fortune worth that. Not only is she not the sole heir, but right now, she has none of it.

  • Kim

    Tom Hanks, George Lucas, Jeff Katzenberg, David Geffen, Stephen Spielberg and Jerry Seinfeld are each worth north of $500 million.

  • Chuy Martinez

    The government should tax entertainers and atheletes at 90% – 95% for any income above 100k. I’m a public school teacher with a masters degree & I earn less than $75, even after teaching summer school. Public schools are becoming so thuggish, I deserve hazard pay. Nevertheless, i struggle every year. Why do Will Smith, Ludacris, & Ashton Kutcher earn 10’s or 100’s of millions of dollars, but the average teacher is driving a 15 year old Honda. I hope Pres. Obama does something about this.

    • Nestor

      You drive a honda and cant make it on 75k? Could it be due to you buying their movies and music? And by the way there is nothing wrong with a 15 year old car.

    • Scott

      Do you have any idea how economics work? Do you have any idea what would happen if Obama charged all the millionaires in Hollywood an insane 90-95 percent tax rate? They would all leave and make movies in Vancouver and Bollywood or Europe and that would be the end of Hollywood and a part of America’s influence over the world as well. Not even the French would be crazy enough to tax people that much. Every one on this list is already taxed at a 39 percent tax rate. If you wanted to be rich you should have become a doctor or an investment banker or worked hard and opened your own business and been smart, or delivered a product that people really needed instead of just trying to take other peoples money. And you are making 75 thousand a year which is about 25 thousand more than the national average, they should just take that extra 25 thousand and give it to the very poor people.

      • Rachel Garber

        The IRS sets the tax code, not the president. Go complain to them.

        • legalpanther

          The IRS does not set the tax rate. The tax rate is controlled by law, which is passed by Congress and signed by the President.

          • christie

            IRS does as IRS wants read the news oh that’s right few pass it on in the mainstream

        • Mahi Tuna

          another web wonder. the IRS enforces the tax code set by congress. keep on studying

      • BigGuy

        What did people who earned over $10 million a year in the USA do between 1940 and 1963 when the marginal tax rate on income above $10 million was 91%?

        They paid the tax.

      • clr1390

        Life in America back in the days when the tax rate was a whole lot higher , they stayed, they worked, and paid their taxes.

      • Char4Dew

        I totally agree with you, this is coming from a teacher who probably makes $50K and is jealous. BUT SHOULD know how the economy DOES work…. Geeeesh, what kind of teacher would not know know that???

    • Char4Dew

      That is way to much – don’t be jealous it wont help you at all. I only agree that they should be taxed more, but not robbed.

  • Diane

    Why not include the amount of money each celebrity donates to charity?
    I know Denzel Washington is a very charitable person.

    • Howard

      I agree with you Diane, that would be a much more interesting list.

    • DennisTheMenance

      Donates to Charities? They Better, it’s Not only Good for their IMAGE but for their TAXES as well..

  • Brad

    Only in America, where the top wealthy people pay 85 percent of the taxes, could the people who pay NO TAXES and receive handouts from the taxpayers get away with DEMANDING the wealthy to pay more as their FARE SHARE.
    Obama gives the Hollywood tax breaks and they give him campaign cash. Payoffs, it is the Obama way.

    • William Brown

      The top level of income is taxed at 39.6%, but almost no one in that bracket pays the full rate. Remember why Romney resisted releasing his tax returns? He didn’t want to explain that the bulk of his income came from investments and was taxed at the capitol gains rate of 12-14%. Warren Buffet thought it ridiculous his secretary paid at a higher percentage than he did. Do you want to know when the US economy was at its most robust and the middle class was strongest? It was when the top bracket was higher than 65%. Every time the wealthy get a tax break the economy suffers and the middle class shrinks. My god! Do some homework.

      • TheRight Stuff

        Do some homework too. The National Review did an article on how Buffet flat out ‘massaged’ the numbers to supposedly be able to make that statement. Remember, he’s been fighting the IRS for a decade now on owing over $12 billion in taxes.

        • Mahi Tuna

          people are still not missing their monthly entitlements. hope that doesn’t change, they would have to get a job

    • shirley

      You’re not only stupid, but psychotic

  • Dawn

    I sure thought Robert Redford, Tom Hanks or Eddie Murphy would have made that list.

  • Jack Williams

    I did a little math – if each of these Obama suck-ups donated half of their worth to the federal budget and the next 20 that were left off added 50m each that would come to over 2.5 billion dollars. That would more than make up for another tax increase on the “rich” that have real jobs.

    • William Brown

      Real jobs… like spending money on investments, or speculations, then selling off assets to increase a portfolio, but not creating anything tangible, like a refrigerator, or car, or a shoe? There are a lot of working rich. People who own small businesses and provide services and products, but the bulk of the super rich don’t. The past three decades have seen higher and higher rewards given for killing jobs as opposed to creating them. And if you think acting is so easy, why don’t you do it. I would pay to see that.

  • Adam

    Every single one, loon democrat liberals – the 1% whom Obama loves to hate. Where’s the outrage?

    • Guest

      Believe it or not, they are not in the top 1% the top 1% are people who views these Hollywood types pikers, their worth is in the billions, not millions. In USA and France that is a thousand millions. and people like the Koch Bros have multiple billions.

      • Sugarsail1

        These celebs based on net worth are all well well well well well in the top 1% you don’t have clue what you’re talking about. Several independent studies (Wolff) put the top 1% at around $13million net worth. Considering the average American is in debt over their head with a mortgage on a house they can’t sell and have a negative net worth…a bum who is not in debt with a dollar in his pocket is in the top 50%.

    • Rachel Garber

      That is not the top 1% the top 1% worth is in the billions, like the Koch Bros, who have multiple billions In the US and France a billion is 1000 millions. And if they donated any of their billions they too could wipe out much of the national debt.

      • Brad Strecker

        The national debt is over 17 trillion genius.

      • Mahi Tuna

        donate your money, if your that concerned. it’s all relative. you giving your money away would probably feel the same as them. set the example

      • Sugarsail1

        Incorrect top one percent is in the $13 to $15 million range…you have to remember most people are in debt and that subtracts from their net worth and moves them to the bottom of the pile.

      • Sugarsail1

        The Koch Bros have billions because their family has run and have built companies that employ and take responsibility for 100s of thousands of people from nearly nothing, unlike any of the dbags above who do nothing for their money and provide nothing for society except a pretty face. David Koch in the last ten years alone has donated nearly a BILLION $$ to medical foundations and educational institutions. His major holding Georgia Pacific probably makes the toilet paper you wipe your butt with (really)…you should think of that and thank the Koches next time you enjoy the luxury of toilet paper. The Koches also invented a more efficient method by which gasoline is refined and that’s just a few of their major contributions to society. What have any of the above people done? Nothing.

      • DuBois

        What? Of course all of these people are in the top 1%. A 65-million-dollar net worth (the lowest amount on the list) is comfortably within the top 1% of American adults.

  • Howard

    Good comments…this list is hardly accurate. I have no idea what criteria they used. There was also an article last year that said JayZ and Beyonće were the wealthiest celebrity couple yet they were no where on the list either. Is this list a personality contest? If so, they need to give us a vote. The list would be quite different.

    • Lloyd

      I don’t think they are considered Hollywood. This list is made up of celebrities who are primarily movie actors. You don’t see Madonna, Spielberg, Lucas, Oprah, etc. here, and they are all much richer than anyone on this list. Not sure why Ludacris is here, although he,s made a few movies. Regardless, it’s still way off as Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks surely have more money than just about everyone on this list.

      • DuBois

        The list is so random… even though Larry King has done a million cameos in movies, no one would call him an actor.

  • stan H

    Yes, so many African American celebs were left off: Bill Cosby was left off ..North of $400M, Janet Jackson $300M, Tyler Perry $300M, Diana Ross $100M, Beyonce $250M, and of course Oprah $2.9Billion

    • marty

      OHG, here we go again.

  • mike

    What about Keanu Reeves, he had a share of the profits from Matrix which earned him over $300MM……….this list of someone’s guess form reading in-touch magazine…..

  • Patrick

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a billionaire.

  • Earthie48

    and most of them have EARNED every dollar! Being an actor IS HARD WORK, there is nothing easy about their jobs!

    Heck, they didn’t mention Brad Pitt or Angie Jolie!

    Tom Cruise has made many awesome movies, don’t tell me he didn’t earn every dime; who could and would do the STUNTS he does! Don’t tell me acting is not HARD WORK!

    I believe they deserve their salaries more so that Professional Jocks!

  • kenneth sapyta

    where is tom hanks

  • Larry David

    I Have at least $750 million in the bank.

    • Linda

      LOL! Thanks you Larry!

    • Robynleight

      Me too Larry

    • TheRight Stuff

      So YOU’RE the one that bought up all of the Monopoly games!….lol

    • Mahi Tuna

      do something wild…give me 2 million

    • sandyshahwan

      Love me some Larry David

  • Will

    What about Jay Leno, or Mel Gibson??

  • mike

    The financial status of anyone is a private matter unless you want to run for public office. There is no way a list like this will ever be correect or complete. Each and every celebrity would have to divuldge their current net worth, and there is absolutely no incentive for any of them of doing that. My brother and sister have no idea how much money I have tucked away, why would a magazine publisher know?

  • therealguyfaux

    There are oh-so-many ways for celebrities to hide what their net worth is, both from the income and the debt side. Setting up offshore trusts which are “partners” in privately-held corporations not bearing the celebrity’s name, from which the celebrity draws an income but which is not accessible to the celebrity for tax and asset-protection reasons (any celeb is likely to attract idiots who seek to sue them for any silly reason), make it hard to truly ascertain just how much a celeb really has. Often it can only be surmised, by looking at the corporate accounts of some company which must publicly disclose its books, and figuring out from how much the company is worth and how much the celebrity has invested in it, to come up with a figure that says, in effect, well, the celeb must have had at least this much, because that’s how much (s)he invested. It’s like if you had, say, $50,000 in the bank and $500,000 inside the mattress, I have to figure you’re worth at least fifty grand, if you don’t have a mortgage and/or other debts; if you do have other debts, your net worth could be negative, assuming you pay the debts from your current income and not from the “mattress account.” I haven’t figured on your having the “mattress account,” because you’ve kept it well-hidden, and I can only go by what I can see. Same with celebs.

  • http://SheBudgets Jimmey

    Diana Ross is worth $200-$275 million! Berry Gordy is worth $400 million! Stevie Wonder is worth $ 350 million !

  • Stacy

    Why isn’t Johnny Depp on the list? He’s worth about $1200 million more than Tom Cruise. 10-20% of the last 4 Pirates films’ profits makes his inclusion a no brainer yet he isn’t on the list anywhere.. Also missing is Brad Pitt – he’s worth more than George Clooney. And Pitt’s Mrs. – Angelina Jolie is worth a pretty penny, too. Also, where are all the TV stars who banked a million an episode? The entire Friends cast, Charlie Sheen, Tim Allen, Jerry Seinfeld. Heck, Jerry Seinfeld is worth twice as much as Tom Cruise,. In other words – this list is just plain wrong.

    • lakawak

      Don’t be so sure. The way studios figure how much a movie makes, he could have gotten 10-20% of $20 million. Or maybe even nothing. Remember…studios claimed that Star Wars and Titanic LOST money.

  • C

    All you clowns making political comments really have your knickers in a collective twist, don’t you? Nothing pathetic about that. As for the list, there are some talented people on there, but that wouldn’t include Ashton Kutcher.

    • tbone1

      Really? What’s he a little too common sensed conservative for you?

  • sleath macfarthern

    Dinah Washington is like her internet provider …. net zero

  • Pete

    O.k. Now the questions are:
    1. What are those people going to do with the money once they die? They’re gonna die, that’s for sure. They cannot take it with them and their god doesn’t care about money anyway.
    2. What are their academic credentials? Just to put some perspective on it all. Maybe the lower the credentials, the more money they make.
    3. Now, I’m not an adulator (have a satisfying life of my own), don’t go to the movies and even don’t know all of them. I don’t care what they do, when, with whom and when. If I would encounter them on the street I would not recognize them.

    • lakawak

      You need to relax, pathetic little boy. Not one is calling htem god. As for academic credential…who cares? They people contribute more not just to soceity in general, but to YOUR EMPLOYER than you. Because they make everyone around them more productive by giving them entertainment whcih relaxes them and makes htem work better. MEanwhile, your employer wouldn’t skip a beat if you died tomorrow.

  • http://yahoo.com Peter

    Here are 3 omissions that might make you think twice. 1. Oprah Winfrey, 2. Steven Spielberg, 3. Arnold Schwarznegger. Honorable Mention : James Cameron……….And just for fun, look up Judge Judy Sheidlin, you’ll be surprised at her bank account.

    • Robynleight

      Howard Stern. 500 million dollar contract from Sirius

      • JDD

        True and Limbaugh could buy and sell Stern.

  • Lakawak

    Jay Leno has been making anywhere from $10-$30 million a year every ear on The Tonight Show and has never spent a penny of it. He lives off his stand up earnings.

  • DennisTheMenance

    I just Hope they ALL have a Good Investment Firm to Build that Wealth to Pass On to their Family Tree
    Like the Rockefeller,Carneige, JP Morgan and all the others Have Done..
    With time and the Right Kinds of Safe Investing, they can become Billionaires and Multi Billion Estates To Last FOREVER! And Do alot of Good for Humanity..

  • kim person

    Sandra Bullock is said to be worth $125 million.

  • Mitchell Moss

    What about Jerry Seinfeld? Worth about as much as the top 4 or 5 on this list combined if I’m not mistaken

  • Sal

    Where is Sylvester Stallone on this list?
    With his vast properties and art collection, he is worth over $300,000,000.

  • champ clark

    Absolutely ludicrous list.
    If anybody did there homework they would know Tom Selleck is way above any of these listed figures. Go out to Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks and look at the various shopping centers. malls and hospitals, et al, that have sprung up there.
    The go to the public records and see who the owner of the land is/was.
    He is never on any of these stupid lists showing how worthless and unresearched they are!!

  • AvionicZ

    How do you miss Julia Louis Dreyfus and her 3 Billion Dollarvnet worth!!! She is worth more than your entire list put together.

    • Chief Jay Strongbow

      Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Madonna, Tom Hanks, and a few more. I think Dreyfus beats them all though. George Lucas just joined the billionaires club too.

      • SteveP

        Lucas joined the billionaires club long ago….

      • susannunes

        Musicians aren’t included on the list.

        • CrypticWritings

          Larry David, Seinfeld, Hanks, and Lucas are not musicians. Do you know why they weren’t on the list?

          I’m not really sure what this list is about. Maybe a “who would’ve thought” list. B/c Drew Carey blew my mind with that net worth!

        • spronkworks

          Ok, what about Oprah and Arnold?

          • dwchu

            Schwarzenegger is worth $400 million but that could be cut in half if his divorce ever goes through.

      • Mahi Tuna

        she doesn’t have it yet, she needs to inherit that from her father. She also has 3 brothers. Hard to include something that is not her’s at the moment.

    • PerksideCoffeeTruck

      Dreyfus inherited her money from family. These others earned it in Hollywood. Pay attention Avionicdoofus.

    • dwchu

      Louis-Dreyfus’s billionaire father is still alive so she hasn’t inherited a dime yet.

  • micky burns

    Cant understand how Jonny Depp and Tom Hanks are not in this list? I dont think it’s accurate.

    • jack_spratt

      I suspect Hanks is worth more than ALL 20 put together.

    • Captain Panaka

      Right now, Hanks’ is thanking his publicist…God forbid that information ever get out to the public!

    • Brandon Carter

      Johnny Depp supposedly made 250 million on Pirates of the Caribbean alone. How he or Arnold aren’t on the list I don’t know. I think Dreyfuss and Hanks aren’t on the list because Hanks is a producer now, and Julia obviously made tens of millions as an actress and thousands of millions from her billionaire father….

  • mike

    Ben Affleck? 65m, before or after he became the propaganda puppet of the devil?

  • T. Barnes

    Biggest omissions are Spielberg, Streisand, Winfrey, Madonna, and Depp.

  • Pete

    Alright people I think we may be leaving someone out by the name of Paul McCartney, he has more money than any musician alive. This list is celebs not just movie stars, Madonna, Elton John, Neil Diamond, Bruce Springsteen and Phil Collins are all worth more than 100 million, that’s a fact.

  • Brad

    One word….Streisand.

    • Mike in VA/DC

      I agree with you 100%. Barbra is in the top 1% of Hollywood Royalty
      and is reportedly worth well more than 500 Million.

      • dginga

        No, she’s more in the $300MM range, but you’re right that she, Spielberg ($3.1 BILLION), George Lucas ($7.3 BILLION), Harrison Ford ($210 MILLION), you get the idea.

  • Endoxa52

    I’m all for the Free Market…but when Matthew McConaughey has $65,000,000 for acting, something went wrong somewhere!

    • oldeham

      That was acting? I have seen better performances at a PTA meeting.

    • http://loewald.com/ Tonio Loewald

      Ashton Kutcher is worth $140M and you’re complaining about McConaughey? (He’s great in True Detective btw).

    • mike

      McConaughey has the looks and body that sell tickets to the ladies. Lots of tickets!
      Same with that guy Ryan, you know, the green lantern.

  • ptluzzi

    Howard stern is worth 800 mill and isnt Opara worth 100s of millions?

  • tim1003

    How does Larry King have $150 Million after 7 ex-wives?

    • marty

      They paid HIM, just to get rid of him.

    • Bram LeBron Jr.


  • docscience

    Why isn’t William Shatner in this list?

  • sue

    Now, these (and sports figures)are the 1%ers who come into question in my mind. Since the rich are now “the enemy” – a ridiculous concept – , I’m curious as to why celebs aren’t as vilified as, say, CEO’s.

  • Ricardo Quest

    I agree with many of the comments listed. There are many people who should have made this list.

  • Mike in VA/DC

    Barbra Streisand surely is in the top ten of the highest net worth of Hollywood. Barbra just gave
    away TEN MILLION DOLLARS two years ago for the Cedars Sinai Women’s Heart
    Center, besides the MILLIONS she gives away every year to various other Charitable
    organizations. You do not give away money like that unless you have a HUGE
    Stockpile at least ten times more than that to live upon.

  • BRL

    The public couldn’t get enough of them and that is how they made the wealth they have.

  • Krazed1

    George Lucas $4.2 Billion.

  • michael mchale

    Where is Mel Gibson? His net worth far exceeds the number 1 here.

  • Glen Benjamin

    Actually William shattner is the wealthiest. His priceline stock worth over 1 billion dollars alone.

  • tomfiore

    If De Niro has so much money then why does he feel compelled to make such lousy movies?

  • agsb

    Samuel L. Jackson and he is doing comercials!

  • Chaozz

    How is woody allen worth only 65 million?

    • Public Employee

      Apparently, pedophilia pays less than making movies.

  • NCMike

    Regardless of whether these are the richest celebrities, they uniformly comprise a list of folks whose movies I no longer watch. Not to mention, Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, etc.

  • stan0301

    Sort of amazing that we don’t have a celeb that is worth as much as a big lotto winner

  • Mahi Tuna

    these numbers are so inflated, sure they can give you 15 million last two movies. Let’s subtract Uncle SAM 35-40%, Agents, Managers, Nanny, etc – 15-18%. All of a sudden your down to 7 million

  • William Siegel

    Bono has a net worth of over $1 billion much of it from his shared of Apple or Google stock he owns…maybe the next fluff piece can be actors net worth vs rock stars……then we can go the other direction and compare the lowest with teachers vs janitors

  • Binner

    What about William Shatner? I read somewhere his stock alone is worth billions. Beyonce and Jay-Z on the last Forbes list were worth over $600 million. When you have that much does it matter anymore? Probably not….you know they’re not in line for govt cheese. P.S. Who gives a crap about Mr. Cruise anymore?

  • Aaron Burr

    two limiting factors: 1) “net worth” – whatever yardstick is used to determine that; and, 2) cooperation of the subject – could be that Hanks, et al. are not in a position to disclose business associates to scrutiny. with that in mind, the survey is self limiting in information.

  • rtk25301

    Drew Carey. Interesting addition.

  • ramubay

    Hector Sanchez, unemployed most of his life, Powerball winner, $350M after taxes!!!!!

  • M. L Harsens Is.

    They don’t even mention the heavy hitters….Julia Louis-Dreyfus 3 billion.

  • Betty Romano

    What happened to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jole????

  • Gary Astorino

    Wow. Every single one is a Democrat. I am surprised because they keep telling me I need to contribute more tax money and the totals of all 20 are in the multi billions. Why are they not giving more of their money. They got us all buffaloed.

    • Bob Heffner

      Drew Carey is a Libertarian. As for the democrats on the list, your point is so true. It is very noble, when you have millions, to tell the middle class, the ones that contribute to their assets, that they must pay more taxes to help the so called poor. Such hypocrites. They are the 1%, but they get a free pass because they are, as we use to call them, “bleeding heart “Liberals.

      • gShawn

        Bob, you must be one of the deluded getting shafted by Republican policy to eliminate the middle class, but remain too blind to see it, because they keep you riled up and afraid of someone poor. Libertarian economic policy is even worse for working people!

      • DuBois

        No, what they are saying is that rich people like themselves should have to pay higher taxes.

  • Fred F

    Drew Carey?? Where is S L Jackson? He’s in everything and plays the same person every time and laughs all the way to an offshore bank.

    • RSpung

      s. l. Jackson was in there.

  • BigGuy

    DeNiro is worth over $500 million. Most of his wealth and income is from NYC real estate.

    He owns at least a half-dozen buildings in Tribeca free and clear. His real estate is worth well over $250 million. He owns all the paintings his dad kept for himself and his dad’s art collection — that’s over $10 million alone.

    Barbara Streisand is worth over $250 million, easily.

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the wealthiest working actress, by far. She made her money the old fashioned way — she inherited it.

    Oprah is in a class of her own. She’s worth over a Billion.

  • RSpung

    where are matt damon, Cameron diaz, morgan freeman and jim carrey?

  • middleright

    perfect place to start redistributing wealth

    • Mittymo

      Most of them are wealth redistributionists. But it’s other people weath they want to see redistributed.

      According to them, they earned their money.

    • alyce1213

      In a rare move for over-compensated actors, Keanu Reeves gave over $80 million of his earnings from The Matrix to the special effects and makeup crews. This is not news, of course, it was 10 years ago. When asked why, he said he already had enough cash and that money is the last thing I think about, that he could live on what he’s already made for the next few centuries. Those lucky folks are set for life. He also gives a ton of money to cancer research.

  • rosehouse

    Michael Jackson’s net worth is 1 billion, not including 2 billions worth of Beatles Catalogue which co-owned with Sony.

  • Meristel Shaw

    How can Tom Hanks not be on this list???WTF!

  • PerksideCoffeeTruck

    where is Arnold, Sylvestor Stallone?

  • Anthony

    Streisand made $95 million in one year with just one of her many concert tours. That doesn’t even touch her 50 plus gold records and 21 platinum or multiplatinum records and movies that she has made and produced etc. She also has some huge Malibu compound worth some ungodly amount!

  • petersdraggon

    Ashton Kutcher is living proof you don’t have to be a great actor to make millions, just likeable.

  • Mittymo

    With that kind of money, you can bet your sweet bippy none of them are paying taxes to the State of CA.

    They may have lavish homes in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Malibu, or Pacific Palisades, where they spend enormous amounts of time. But their true homes, their state income tax homes are probably in a state that doesn’t have an income tax.

  • marymrevis

    Folks….keep in mind this list ISN’T about paychecks, is about assets…net worth. Meaning..add all of your fixed assets (real estate, cars, etc), liquid assets
    (stocks, bonds, etc), and the value of all of your belongings (jewelry,
    furniture, etc). These are your total assets. Subtract the amount of all of your debts such as mortgage, car loans, credit card debt from your total asset amount. The result is considered your net worth.. I hope I got that right LOL. In that case, and addressing only the ones on the list, Robert De Niro is spot on. The man must have some SERIOUS assets and major low liabilities… and has his Tribeca brand bringing revenue as well. Smart man.

    • Bob Heffner

      That was my thought as well, Particularly when I see that Ashton Kutcher is worth 140 million dollars.

  • ssalty

    They’re part of the 2%! Or 1% if you like that better.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pf-Wag/100002575167071 Pf Wag

      To be a 1% only takes about $370,000 in income.

  • Dr James Tee

    Seems to be missing quite a few, for instance Sylvester Stallone is worth $275 million. Schwarenegger is worth $400 million prior to divorce, Clint Eastwood $375 million, and Mel Gibson is worth $425 million.

  • Emmett North Jr

    All i can say is give me some of that prosperity and good fortune,and we’re complaining about the light & water bill,the cable & gas bill,that’s just a dream 2 live like that! I think i would rather be rich & stressed than broke & stressed!!!!

  • binthere222

    If they earned it from acting, they deserve it. That is hard work. Not so for the execs, producers and distributors who are locked in and squeeze the system to the detriment of all.

  • Itzmoi

    Your article lacks perspective. Just about every one of those stars have been working for over 30 years. Robert DeNiro did 117 films, produced dozens more, which averages out to less than $1.million per film. He also owns hotels and restaurants. The truth is celebrities earn less than half their wealth from movies. The rest comes from investments. I’d say to them, “Good for you. Please teach me how to do it.”

  • marty

    The accuracy of this article is questionable.

  • Ge Ree

    well johnny depp worth 350 mil Leonardo dicaprio 300 mil so even if they not listing billionaires. George lucas 7 billion

  • Char4Dew

    How does Kutcher make $140M more then many of the more talented artists such as Woody Allan $65M ??? HUGE difference. I don’t get it,
    I saw lots of that here, where some make a fortune more then many more talented ones.

  • JJS

    I’m more interested in knowing how much people make following celebs as their life’s work. Are most of the positions entry level salaried? I’ve always been amazed at how anyone can gain info regarding another’s worth without seeing income tax returns. With the exception of Forbes who’s been at this game for years.

  • dipstick88

    Ah billion here, a billion there, pretty soon it adds up to real money.

  • bluzrider

    I don’t understand, how is it they all call for wealth redistribution, and they still have all that money, practice what you preach you bunch of Hippocrates, give your money to people who are less fortunate than you.

    Oh, you say, just take from the people who actually produce jobs, and not you? You didn’t mean to say take YOUR money and redistribute it?

    You liberals leftists are something else, do as I say, and not as I do.


  • DuBois

    I was replying to Lloyd above, who suggested that this is a list of movie actors; I mentioned King as a counter to that suggestion.

    And as many people have pointed out, the list isn’t a true reflection of the 20 richest celebrities, as numerous celebs who aren’t mentioned are worth more than $65 million, which is the lowest amount of net worth given for those on the list.

  • porgiefirefighter

    Remember, this is a list of their net worth, not how much they have earned. Actors are notorious for bad business deals, such as investing in giant flops. Keven Costner comes to mind. Got paid fortunes for starring roles, then started self-financing movies. Did great with “Dancing with Wolves”, but lost it all super-expensive turkeys like “Waterworld”. Don’t mean to pick on Costner, there have been others. Surprised Mel Gibson isn’t on the list. Maybe he got skinned in his divorce.

    Also, I think many stars wisely keep their assets below the radar.

  • Kevin Schmidt

    What about the owners of studios and the MSM?
    How much do those at the top make?
    Do they think of Cruise’s net worth as chump change?

  • Bill Jermyn

    When I saw the net worths with similar numbers I knew you were guessing and you’re way off unless you draw a fine line as to who is Hollywood. Oprah Winfrey, Seinfeld, Julia Louis Dreyfuss and Spielberg are all billionaires. Get your numbers right or stay off the internet.

    • pragmatist3

      Dreyfuss inherited most of her money and she is well more than a billionaire.

  • David Williamson

    I read a lot of these post. I question why no one is asking why all the insanely rich are the ones supporting the party that does nothing but complain about the rich? Just asking, aren’t the insanely rich the bad guys? Double standards, everywhere you look.

  • Joe Jones

    Where is Clint Eastwood. Did he die or give his money away?

  • jpc1591

    Why do I get the sense you pulled these figures out of your a**?

  • Ralph

    Clint Eastwood has a buck or two.

  • Bram LeBron Jr.

    I rarely go to the movies. Meanwhile let me eat my .50 cents clearance walmart Raviolis!

  • George Saunders

    Gary Delaney, a stage actor years back, is worth over 300 M

  • Tom Cavendish

    Most of these people are living off their past work, especially DeNiro, Cruise, and Will Smith. DeNiro’s great, but name the last good movie he appeared in. Aside from Denzel, McConaughey, and Clooney, these people are mostly taking pay checks for uninspired crap.

  • Genso

    Well this list proves one thing, you don’t have to be even a good actor to make millions!

  • Danny Bigelow

    Mark Wahlberg should be on the list.

  • Timothy Goodness

    Trey Parker worth an estimated $350,000,000.00… More then the #1 on this list.

  • hieagle11

    Of course, mostly JEWS………!

  • gaynorhenry

    This list is dumb. There are so many people NOT on there from singers (JayZ) to actors (Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale) to comics (Seinfeld)…dumb.

  • carmen.nicolari

    Mel Gibson has a net worth of $425 Million

  • carmen.nicolari

    Clint Eastwood net worth of $375 Million

  • http://www.foxnews.com/ Jeffersonian527

    The list is not exact, they only list a few of the richest actors and actress, Robert Downey Jr. would be on any list that has validity to it and so would Mel Gibson who made over 500 million on Passion.

  • Terry Chambers

    Struggling right wingers and rich left wingers — America: a social experiment that the intellectuals completely

  • robotnik

    Why isn’t Nicholas Cage on this list….oh, wait…

  • Bill Terry

    Obama and the NSA know how much they are worth.

  • JWS10

    Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks are great actors, and deserve the money. Paul McCartney and George Lucas are great artists in their field!

  • Douglas Fehan

    Earned it in Hollywood? What about that sounds really stupid???


    Jackie Mason the comedian: I have enough money to last me for the rest of my life, provided I don’t buy anything.


    Only a few of these folks admire the industry leaders that paid them all that money to do their thing. These are the ones that support spreading the wealth…yours not theirs.

  • Charlene Lopez

    WOW…Ludacris is worth 65 million????

  • berendai

    Robin Williams??? This can’t be – he just announced a bankruptcy!

    • j238

      I never heard that, but you might be right. His situation has gotten worse since then.

  • berendai

    Where’s Oprah???

    • RiteFox

      Apparently, she is not considered a “Hollywood” celebrity.

  • Heywood

    Um, i think you forgot a few… George Lucas – 4.2 Billion, Steven Spielberg – 3.3 Billion, Julia Louis Dryfus – 3 Billion, Oprah – 2.9 Billion, Larry David – 900 Million, Jerry Bruckheimer – 850 Million, Jerry Seinfeld – 800 Million, Mel Gibson – 800 Million, James Cameron – 700 Million, WIlliam Shatner – 650 Million…

    • HugePackersFan

      How about these Hollywood Stars that actually surpass this list as well:

      #20 Robert Redford – Net Worth $170 Million #19 Robert De Niro – Net Worth $185 Million #18 Michael Douglas – Net Worth $200 Million #17 Lionel Richie – Net Worth $200 Million #16 Phil Collins – Net Worth $250 Million #15 Sean Connery – Net Worth $300 Million #14 Cher – Net Worth $305 Million #13 Quincy Jones – Net Worth $310 Million #12 Peter Jackson – Net Worth $315 Million #11 Elton John – Net Worth $320 Million #10 Barbra Streisand – Net Worth $340 Million #9 Tom Hanks – Net Worth $350 Million #8 Clint Eastwood – Net Worth $375 Million #7 Jack Nicholson – Net Worth $400 Million #6 Mel Gibson – Net Worth $425 Million #5 James L. Brooks – Net Worth $500 Million #4 Elizabeth Taylor – Net Worth $600 Million #3 James Cameron – Net Worth $650 Million #2 Andrew Lloyd Webber – Net Worth $1.2 Billion #1 Steven Spielberg – Net Worth $3 Billion –

    • SH0cK TV

      Julia Louis Dryfus is not worth 3B. She is worth 200M and stands to inherit the Billions from her fathers estate assuming he leaves it to her as she is first in line. But thats also saying he won’t spread the wealth and is leaving his entire estate to her. Aside from that, excellent points across the board.

      • Marie Evans

        If Julia Dryfus Father has it she has it. Perhaps, he will spread it around it will be more than these others.

        • SH0cK TV

          What? Do your parent know that their bank account is automatically yours? Can you just…. go spend what you want when you want out of it? If the answer is no, then the money is not “yours”, rather, just money you are counting on “being yours”.
          Thats kind of a sad way to be.
          The fact of the matter is, “no, our parents or siblings money is not necessarily ours”. Right now, there is a man or woman sitting somewhere homeless whose parents may be quite well off. That person is not, no matter how much they might be counting on an inheritance, automatically lumped into their parent tax bracket or net worth.

          • Marie Evans

            If a homeless person has a wealthy parent yet remains homeless then you’re right he’s not getting anything. However, that isn’t the case with Dryfuss. That isn’t her father network worth but her father’s holdings and yes, she will inherit it alone with her siblings. You don’t have to have access to your parents bank account to be in line to their fortune. Like Prince Williams!

            • Ken Lee

              well, it sort of doesn’t matter anyway because Julia has become such a pig since she was Elaine, I have a hard time watching her Veep or whatever she is doing….It’s all Elaine acting like someone else anyway….and a pig, as I said. Super fake liberal Hollywood jerks all pretending to care, now they have their fat cash cow all lined up…driving Prius’s and then taking private planes.

  • Seashell

    Drew Carey needs to put on a few pounds.

  • scubaron

    Are those 1% ers..??

  • pullmanwa

    So why do the liberals go after CEO’s of major companies who employ thousands of people yet … don’t criticize people like George Clooney who makes 160 million and which he does not employ thousands of people? Seems biased hypocrisy.

    • Andy Domonkos

      Because if George Clooney goes bankrupt the government doesn’t bail him out.

      • KnightLover

        The government doesn’t force him to give out hazardous loans either. Since, by your comment I can tell you don’t work in any financial or economic field, a hazardous loan is when you give out a loan knowing there is no possible way that person can pay it back.

  • Michael Britz

    No one needs this kind of money

  • LindsEy Barnes

    Other filthy rich celebrities of note: Adam Sandler 300 million, Dr. Dre 750 Million, Tom Hanks 350 Million, and Oprah is actually worth 2.9 Billion. Julia Louis Dreyfus is actually 200 Million but will become significantly richer once her father dies.

  • Harold Missamore

    Would love to see the tiny tax bills they pay each year. If anything. The filthier the rich, the more clever and devious the accountant.

  • Mike McElravy

    Johnny Depp? Jack Nicholson? Michael Douglas?

  • Bob

    I didnt take the time to go through this article but Harrison ford is worth over a Billion dollars.

  • Ray Forrest

    Robin Williams will have a hard time spending the money from the grave? Should he really be on the list and if he is what about ELVIs?

  • Retirement-bound

    There is one outright mistake where you have 2 people reversed and I do believe that Jack Nicholson should be there mainly because of his mega sweet deal with marketing from his Batman contracts alone.

  • John E Strom Jr.

    ALL of them, except Al Pacino and Robert de Nero, are over paid and under talented. I like many but come on – $Tens of Millions for crying on cue?

  • Vote for Pedro,

    Adam Sandler is worth $300 million

  • Ed Gauthier

    There’s a Top 40 in any biz, be it music or films. Rather than sweat every difference of various star salaries at any given point in history, just figure that people who have been big guns since the 1970s are gonna have at least a billion, and those who didn’t get rolling until the 1990s are going to have a quarter as much today. So what? Does that help us even one little bit? It doesn’t. The amounts they hand over to these fops and pop tarts is disgusting.

  • Ken Lee

    really? Woody Alien actually has ONLY $65mm? He has 65 movies he wrote, directed, and produced. I’m guessing he’s more like $500mm-$1b. and, who cares about that adopted asian girl Soon Yee anyway? she’s about 40 now. Hard to think he was taking advantage of her. She’s put up with him for decades. They’re perfect together. Who’s less attractive? Woody?