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Once Upon A Time: ABC’s Modern Day Fairytale

If you haven’t seen ABC’s  new series ‘Once Upon A Time‘, then you have missed the drama of a magical story with a modern day twist. ‘Once Upon A Time’ is a series that depicts two worlds: all of the fairytale characters that we have heard about in the storybooks have been cursed and sent to Storybrooke, Maine (our world ) with no memory of the world that they are from.

The Evil Queen, also known as Regina Mills, from the story of Snow White, is the one responsible for this curse and wants to take away everyone’s happiness. The Evil Queen/ Regina (Lana Parilla) has a vendetta against Snow White and wants to make her suffer along with everyone from their world. As the series continues, the wretchedness of the queen grows more and more, her ruthlessness is almost limitless.

The Evil Queen/ Regina’s adopted son, Henry Mills (Jared S. Gilmore), is one of the only other people in Storybrooke that knows about the curse. Henry owns a book with all of  the fairytales ever written. He believes that this book gives a description of everyone that lives in the town. He tries his hardest to remind them of who they are, however, the majority are unable to see it and brushes Henry off as a child with fantasies.

Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), Henry’s biological mother, shows up in Storybrooke from Boston, shaking things up. She immediately picks up on the negative vibe of Henry’s adoptive mother, The Evil Queen/Regina, and shows concern. Regina is possessive of Henry and tries many methods to kick Emma out of Storybrooke, however, her plans never succeed. According to Henry, Emma is the long lost daughter of Snow White and is their Savior, the one to break them free of the curse.

Mary Margaret Blanchard/ Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) is Storybrooke’s soft and loving school teacher. However, things go haywire for her when she has an affair with another woman’s husband. This man, in their world, is the love of her life, Prince Charming. Mary Margaret has a long history with Regina that she is unaware of and Regina uses this against her to try to make her life a living hell. Do want to know why The Evil Queen/Regina hates Snow White/Mary Margaret so much? You will have to watch it. Some things are better seen than heard or in this case read!

Rumpelstiltskin/ Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) is an enigma and the nemesis for the Evil Queen. She needs him, for he is a master of dark magic, however, she hates that she has competition. She knows that she can’t go to far with him because the minute she gets out of line, he can most certainly get her back straight. His story is that of opposites and with Mr. Gold you never know what his real intentions are. He is one character to watch out for.

If you want to watch TV that is riveting with an excellent storyline, exceptional acting, and vivid scenery, catch up with Season 1 of ‘Once Upon a Time’. You won’t be disappointed.

‘Once Upon a Time’ airs on ABC on Sundays 8/7c. Previous episodes can be viewed at ABC.com.

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