How to Fall Asleep if You’re Having Trouble

Ah, sweet slumber. Drifting off to dreamland after a long and tiring day feels like heaven. But sometimes the sandman doesn’t visit so easily to cradle us to sleep.  Humans require a certain amount of sleep to function daily, so it’s super important that we get a good night’s rest every single night to perform adequately the following day. But, what about us who suffer from constant tossing and turning? It’s 3:00am and you’re wide awake watching infomercials, unable to welcome some much needed z’s. Sleep may seem unreachable, but it’s actually well within your grasp. If you’re reading this in the wee hours of the morning and desperate for some beauty rest, here’s how to fall asleep if you’re having trouble.

1. Deep Breathing

Close your eyes, inhale in through your nose slowly and deeply, then exhale out from your mouth and relax your muscles. Concentrate on your breath and soon you’ll feel yourself letting go of any tension and sinking into your comfy bed. Deep breathing helps to calm your racing mind and your frustrated muscles. Eventually, you’ll feel relaxed enough to fall into a wonderful slumber or sleep will just overcome you during the process before you even recognize it.

2. White Noise or Calming Sounds

The whir of a fan or the sound of waves crashing onto shore can rock you right to sleep. Of course, not all of us live near a beach so we must improvise. There are thousands of youtube video’s dedicated to hours of calming sounds. Put in your headphones, close your eyes, and turn off any other electronics (televisions, iphone notifications, or lights). White noise helps to distract you from your own thoughts when attempting to sleep. Try this video for a start:

3. Guided Meditation

Switch off your lights, light some incense, and make sure you’re totally ready to embark on sleep before listening to a guided meditation video. Double check that there are no possible interruptions that could hinder your experience then lay down in a comfortable position and press play. Guided meditation may seem a bit strange at first, but the benefits are out of this world. Personally, I use this method to fall asleep when I’m having trouble and it works wonders. Try out this video to start:

4. Read

If sleep isn’t coming so easily to you, try reading a magazine or short book before bed. Avoid reading a novel because you may want to keep on to just one more chapter…then another…then another etc. So, find some short reading material, hop into bed and enjoy. This process will help you wind down, tire your eyes, and relax your mind to perfectly prep you for sleep.

5. Avoid Coffee After Noon

For us coffee addicts, this proves as a difficult habit to break. But, the more caffeine you consume during your day the harder it will be for you to achieve sleep at your desired bed time. Wean yourself off the java and you’ll be surprised to see just how much faster you fall asleep.

(Photo by Scott Wintrow/Getty Images)

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