Five Common Lies We All Tell…And Why We Tell Them

Is there anyone on earth who hasn’t told even one little white lie? Of course not! We all do it. We all tell little white lies that range from, “No, honey, I didn’t move your car keys and forget where I put them and that’s why you cannot find them at the moment,” to, “Yes, you do look 10 pounds slimmer in that dress.” There’s no one reason why we tell white lies. Perhaps it’s to save time, to buy time, or simply to make someone else feel better on a day when they’re just feeling down. Whatever the reason, here are the most common lies well tell, and why we tell them.

It Wasn’t Me

Sometimes, things just aren’t worth taking credit for. No, I did not put the milk on top of the bread in the car when loading groceries. Who does that? Obviously the guy who helped me put the groceries in the car, that’s who.

……in Five Minutes

I’ll be there, it will be ready, I’ll see you in….five minutes. It just sounds better than admitting that whatever it is, is at least a half hour from completion.

I Love It!

Oh my goodness this is heinous and I cannot believe how little you know me, mom. It’s not the nicest thing ever to say, so sometimes you gush and love it even though you’d rather burn it.

No, Officer, I Did Not Realize I Was Going That Fast

Because admitting that you did know you were going 25 miles over the speed limit but would have slowed down had you noticed him sitting in the grass isn’t the smartest thing to say.

What? You Never Got My Reply?

Frankly, I’m not shocked considering I never replied in the first place, but I’m sure telling you that I saw your message, thought it was boring, ignored it, and then forgot about it for a week would hurt your feelings.

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