Frugal Fun Ideas for Family Fun Night

Are you of the belief that if money is tight you can’t have fun? You are not alone. But why is it that we think that way? So many of us associate fun with money, and we think that if we can’t afford to go to the movies or we can’t afford to go out for drinks with friends then I guess while money is tight we just won’t have fun anymore. Well let’s change that belief by talking about ways that you and your family can have a family fun night even on a tight budget. Here are some ways to do that.

Make a plan that on Friday or Saturday night everyone in the family will stay home.

When that evening comes turn on some nice music that everyone enjoys. Turn off all cell phones, any other devices that may disrupt the evening. This is family fun time.

Pizza Night

Plan a “make it yourself pizza party”. Make some pizza dough the day before or earlier in the day and divide it into small balls based on how many people there are. If need be, make several batches. Get your favorite toppings from your local grocery store and chop them up. Making your own pizzas costs a lot less than ordering in.

Have everyone sit around the kitchen table and let them add whatever toppings they wish to their pizza. While they are baking spend some time catching up on what’s new.

Movie Night

Select a movie that everyone will enjoy. Before the weekend head over to the dollar store and buy some popcorn and some candy or whatever munchies your family enjoys. Get some soda or lemonade for the kids, and a bottle wine for you and your husband, if you like. Spend the evening having a family party while watching the movie and enjoying the refreshments.

Board Game Night

When was the last time you played Twister? It was fun, wasn’t it? If not Twister, try Monopoly, or UNO, or a different card game. You could even combine board game night with pizza night. Remember to relax and have fun.

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