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Fun Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s the beautiful season of Autumn and that means the Halloween season is upon us! Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday and I love to dress up (yes, even as an adult, why should kids have all the fun) and go to a good party and eat a bunch of candy. I love all decorations and making my home look spook-tastic for the occasion.

And if you love Halloween like I do then you also probably don’t like picking a costume up at one of those pop-up seasonal stores and getting stuck wearing something else a bunch of other people have as well. Maybe that’s just me, but I really like to be original, even if I go as a witch I refuse to buy a witch costume. So here are some better ideas.

Get creative with a traditional costume. Like I mentioned, if you’re going to be a witch, don’t buy a bagged costume! Get the pointy hat and maybe some striped stockings at the costume store and that’s it! For the rest of the outfit check out your local thrift shops. Look for black skirts and tops -bonus points for something that laces up! And if you don’t already have some black boots then you could probably buy a pair of those used as well for pretty cheap. Apply this method to any conventional costume and see what you can find!

Be a character from your favourite movie/tv show/book. Again, not the kind you can buy in a bag at a costume shop. Don’t pick the obvious like Queen of Hearts or The Tin Man. Go for something more like Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice), Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice), or Leela (Futurama). Something that people can identify or can be easily explained that can’t be found on the rack.

Be witty. If you’re going to be the Queen of Hearts, then make a costume using poster board that makes you a large card. Or get a name tag and put something interesting on it like “A Goddess” or “Daydreaming” or something equally clever that fits your personality.

Corpse yourself up. Be anything you want to be, but be a dead version of it. I did this a few years back and went as a dead gypsy. You could also be a dead bride (wedding gowns can be found at any Goodwill for cheap!), dead witch, dead ballerina, or just plain dead!

Got any good ideas floating around now? Halloween is a day to have fun and get dressed up, regardless of age. Don’t just shrug it off, embrace it with creative style!

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Manda is a senior in college and an avid writer. She runs a personal blog that contains all the things she loves, and is the owner of a quaint little etsy shop where she sells handcrafted items made with love and positive energy.
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