Raise A Child With Manners To Be Admired

In this day and time, manners seem to be a social grace of the past.  But the thing is manners never go out of style.  They are just less common, less practiced and less taught.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  You can do your part to see to it that manners are not forgotten in your home.  You can still raise a well-mannered child.

It is true that it is you are swimming against the current in today’s world but it is not impossible.  What steps should you take to make sure your children turn out to be gentlemen and ladies?

Model manners.  They will repeat in their actions much more of what you don’t say than that of what you do.  In other words, let them ‘catch’ your manners.  If you live it before them, they will live it out in their own lives.  It may be after they have matured somewhat but rest assured that they will imitate what they have seen.

For now, insist on manners.  Yes, it is tiring to say “What do you say?” over and over to prompt pleases and thank yous but it will be well worth it in the end.  Practice makes perfect and eventually you won’t even have to remind them.

Instruct them.  Take the time to talk with your children about the importance of manners and how to handle certain situations.  Make it personalized by explaining how a gentleman behaves and how a lady behaves.

Expect manners from your children.  Our children tend to rise or sink to whatever level we expect their behavior to be.  For instance, if your child overhears you telling your best friend how they are so polite, they will want to live up to your expectations.  Set the bar high and watch them meet it.

Well taught manners can be a goal achieved by your family.


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