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How to Save Money on Wedding Gifts

Sometimes you may go all year without being invited to a wedding and other years you may receive 4 or 5 wedding invitations. If you plan to attend each wedding and you are on a tight budget, how do you buy 4 or 5 wedding gifts in one year without looking cheap? Let’s talk about how to save money on wedding gifts this year.

The Wedding Registry

Check to see if they have registered for gifts somewhere and logon to the merchant’s website to review the items the couple have selected. Many times newlyweds have very little in terms of household items, especially kitchen items.

Look to see if they have registered for any kitchen gadgets, baking pans, and cooking utensils as these are typically inexpensive. As well, check if any of the items on their wedding registry are currently on sale.

Consider buying 3 or 4 small items (per wedding) which would make it look like you spent more money than you actually did.

Alternatives to the Wedding Registry

If all of the items on their wedding registry are expensive or already purchased then take a look at Overstock.com for gifts that you think they would like. There are thousands of items to choose from, at reasonable prices. You can purchase the gift online prior to the wedding date and have it shipped directly to the couple.

Buy a Group Gift

Another great way to save money on wedding gifts is to split the cost with someone else that you know that is attending the wedding. Maybe there are a group of you going that have been friends with the bride or the groom forever. Ask a few of them if they would be interested in all getting together and buying one large gift for the couple.

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  1. I like your suggestion of buying lots of little things to make it seem like you were extra thoughtful. I also don’t think there is any shame in getting them a gift card to one of the stores they registered at. I know that’s a little taboo, but it’s always super appreciated and it ships easily. :)


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