Ward Off Monday Blues With Three Simple Steps

Monday: Yuck. There really are no other words for Monday. It doesn’t matter if you work outside of your home, inside of your home or you stay at home; Mondays never fail to be less awesome than other days of the week. When you start to feel a case of the Mondays (on Sunday afternoon, perhaps), don’t fret. It’s going to happen; Monday always comes. But you don’t have to give into the “Monday Sucks” mentality and let that ruin your day before it even starts.

Plan Your Monday on Friday

This works two ways; instead of sitting around waiting for 5 o’clock to roll around on Friday evening, do something productive. Plan for Monday. Clean your desk, take care of small issues that need your attention and make a to-do list. If you have time, see how much of that to-do list you can accomplish before you leave to make Monday less stressful.


One great way to make Mondays more exciting is to do something special on Mondays. Make that the day you go for your weekly massage or pedicure in the afternoon. Make it the day you let yourself eat your entire day’s worth of calories for breakfast – free of guilt. Make Monday night date night with your husband. Something to look forward to on an otherwise yuck day can make it more bearable.

Try Something New

Admit it; you always feel great when you look great. Make Monday the day you wear your favorite outfits, your new ensembles or try that new hairstyle or gorgeous shade of lip gloss. When you feel good, your confidence level rises. When your confidence level rises, your entire mood improves. When your mood improves, your day is better. It’s a really simple way to improve your outlook for the entire week.

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