Wedding Stats that Might Surprise You

The holiday season is one of the busiest seasons for proposals, which means you might be next. Whether you are wearing the ring now or you suspect it’s coming any day now and you want to get a head start on your planning, you should know that there are a few facts many brides are unaware of. When you start planning, do what you want on your wedding day. What you think is crazy may be more common than you think; don’t let your idea of normal and appropriate skew your visions of the perfect wedding day.

If you are considering a black tie wedding, then have one. Maybe your family doesn’t think it’s necessary or common, but a staggering 18 percent of all couples ask that their guests wear black tie apparel to their nuptials.

When choosing your favorite color to use in your wedding, there are a few things you might find interesting. Purple will not make your wedding unique. One in five brides uses this color in their wedding. Pink is also not going to be something no one has ever seen at a wedding before. In fact, there are 116 different shades of pink you can choose from.

If you want to have a themed wedding but think that it’s a little out there, know that 25 percent of all couples have a theme at their wedding.

Outdoor ceremonies are more common than outdoor receptions, but that doesn’t change the fact that nearly 15 percent of all couples have outdoor receptions. That should make you feel better about the chances of good weather on your wedding day.

Another statistic that might shock you is that one in every 10 brides chooses to wear a color other than white or ivory on her big day. Your red, lavender, or black dress might not wow as many guests as you think it will.

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