What He Really Thinks About Your Wedding

Visions of dresses, and veils, and signature cocktails, and designer heels dance in your head after you get engaged, but what’s dancing through his. You might think he doesn’t have much to say, or think, about your big day, but the truth is that he has plenty on his mind when it comes to your wedding. However, what he’s thinking isn’t really the same as what you’re thinking. He doesn’t care who sits next to great aunt Sally at the reception, he’s more concerned about other aspects of your wedding day.

What You Look Like

He’s surprisingly just as worried about what you look like as you are. However, he’s not caught between which shade of LORAC lip gloss to wear, he’s caught between wanting to see you at your most beautiful while still wanting you to look like yourself. He wants you to look like you, not a model from the Spring Dior fashion show.

His Friends Matter, Too

Okay, so you don’t really know his frat buddies since he went to school in California and you met three years later in NYC. However, his friends are just as important as yours, and he doesn’t want to see them stuck in the back corner of the reception while yours are front and center.

Why Is She Asking My Opinion…and Then Promptly Ignoring It?

He may not seem all that interested in helping with the planning of your wedding, but that doesn’t mean he wants you to ignore him. Sometimes he does want to help you with something, and when you ask him, really listen. He doesn’t want you asking just because; he wants you to really hear him.

Don’t Give Me a Curfew the Night Before

Yes, the night before the wedding is an important one, but just because you aren’t together doesn’t mean he’s going to pull a “The Hangover” on you. Don’t give him a curfew the night before and make him feel like less of a man in front of his friends on his last night of a single man.

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