What Your Kids’ Principal Isn’t Telling You

Now that your kids are back in school it’s time for open houses, meetings with the teachers, and hopefully no meetings with the principal. If you want to ensure that your kids’ school year is the best one yet, take a few minutes to learn what it is your child’s principal won’t tell you, but that you need to know.


If you want to discuss something with the principal at your kids’ school, make an appointment in the morning. She’s fresh and ready to discuss whatever it is you want to discuss. By the end of the day she’s a little frazzled and may not be able to give you the attention you require.

You Might be Right

The principal at your child’s school might actually agree with you when you complain about a particular teacher or other employee, but she’s not legally allowed to tell you that. However, if she is sitting quietly and listening to what you have to say, she is hearing you and making notes.

She Has to Disapprove Sometimes

She isn’t going to be thrilled when you tell her your kids are missing a week of class for your family vacation, but she’s also not going to tell you that she begged her own kids to take their kids out of class so they could fly in and visit her for Spring Break.

We Know Way Too Much About You

What happens in Vegas doesn’t really stay in Vegas and what happens at home doesn’t really stay at home. Kids talk. The principal and teachers know about your financial issues, your fights, your drinking problem, and that daddy is sleeping with the babysitter (hopefully not). Watch your behavior around your children.

They Know Who Did that Homework Assignment

A third grade kid just isn’t that good at math yet, but his dad with an accounting degree probably is. When a kid consistently does poorly in school and then makes it happen on homework, school knows who really did that assignment.

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