20 Credit Cards to Avoid at All Costs

Just about everyone will end up getting a credit card at some point in their lives. The world of credit and credit card offers is very tricky to navigate. There are predatory lenders out there that will offer to help you build your credit or even repair your credit. Some of these companies are really only interested in charging the customer outrageous fees and very high annual percentage rates. If you fall for some of these offers you may just end up finding yourself in even more debt than you started with.

For some of those individuals that are new to the world of credit card use, they end up getting into situations that are very hard to get themselves out of because they did not read and understand the terms and conditions prior to signing up for the credit card. The credit card companies know that those that are new to credit or for those that are desperate to repair credit from previous bad experiences are willing to risk paying super high fees annually and other supposed maintenance and processing fees.

What ends up happening is the credit card companies end up making a great deal of money on those that may be late paying their bill or those that are charged recurring monthly fees just for being able to use the card. It is really important to read and understand what all you are getting yourself into before you decide to select a particular credit card. There are plenty of good credit cards out there but unfortunately many do not know about them because they do not promote themselves as heavily as the other cards that are trying to make big bucks off of unsuspecting users.

This is a list of some of the very worst credit cards available on the market to date. Each of these cards has fees and features that make them unpractical and can end up putting you in situations where you will not be able to pay off the debt accrued on the card:

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