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Five Coupon Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Using coupon tips and tricks can help you slash your grocery bill by $100 or more. The stories you’ve heard about people saving almost 100% on grocery items are true. Even if you haven’t heard any of the amazing coupon stories, the tips in this article will save you a bundle. Shopping around for deals or carrying a folder stuffed with coupons is time-consuming. But, there’s a better way! You can save a lot of money yearly on groceries and you don’t have to spend three or four hours  searching for coupons. Here’s how to effortlessly start applying the following coupon tips and tricks today:

1. Don’t leave home without a shopping list

Always make a shopping list before you leave your house. Shopping with a list, will keep you from wondering if you really need that 20 pounds of rice that just happens to be on sale. Once you know exactly what your needs and budget can handle,  you’re ready to search for coupons.

2. Use the web to search for coupons and you won’t have to clip by hand

These days, nobody has to clip coupons from newspapers unless they just want to. Do a web search for coupon databases like http://www.dealseekingmom.com This site will direct you to product coupons by category.

3. Combine coupons with other offers

Another one of the great coupon tips that most people overlook is, double offers. Unless coupons say can’t be combined with other offers, you can use two per item. A manufacturer’s coupon plus a store coupon is o.k.

4.  Use coupons along with buy one get one free sales

Yes, you can use coupons for buy one get one free  store specials. Sometimes the amount saved doubles, just by applying this simple trick.

5. Keep cashiers happy by not fumbling though your bag for coupons

The last thing you want to do  is annoy the cashier checking up items. Organize coupons by clipping them to your shopping list.



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