Is The Old Saying True That Money Buys Happiness?

Is it true that money buys happiness? The answer to that is a mixed one.  No, it is not possible that money buys happiness but money does buy you security which can make your life a lot less stressful.  And when you are less stressed, you can enjoy your life a lot more.

In order go enjoy the benefits of security, you need to make wise financial decisions throughout your life.  This means that you avoid credit card debt that you know you have no ability to repay or taking out loans that will overextend you beyond your ability to repay.  Making wise financial decisions will make your life a lot easier and give you a lot less to worry over.  In this way, yes, money buys happiness.  Security makes for a happier life in many ways.  When you have the security of knowing that you have enough money put back to cover any emergencies that your family might encounter, there is a peace of mind that cannot be replicated in that.

But money can’t buy health or fix strained family relationships or a host of other problems you might encounter down throughout your daily life such as little things that affect you if you are having a bad day.  If a person is very wealthy then they may have friends that have became friends simply for the benefits of their money, but they are not true friends.

It is better to not dwell on the saying that money buys happiness and instead make the best effort every day to make wise decisions that will make your life better in every way.  If you are wise with your finances and live an honest life, you will find that there are many great rewards to be found there.

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