Tips on How to Live a Frugal Lifestyle and Eat Better

Many people are still feeling the after affects of the downturn in the economy over the past 4 years or so and are still trying to find ways to rebuild their finances. If that is you, one of the ways that you can rebuild your finances is to learn how to live a frugal lifestyle. Here are some suggestions on how to live a frugal lifestyle and eat better.

Dining Out

Without even realizing it we all spend so much money dining out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I remember my husband and I use to get up most Sunday mornings and head over to our favorite local restaurant that is famous for big breakfasts. We typically spent over $25 each Sunday morning to eat a huge plate of eggs and salty carbs, and then I would wonder why I couldn’t lose weight. Now we just have toast or bacon and eggs at home.

Snack Foods

I can’t tell you how often I spent money on potato chips, Cheetos and nacho chips. I craved the salt and even worse, if I was hungry while making dinner, I would munch on these.

Now we rarely buy these anymore. If I really want something to munch on while watching TV at night I make some hot air popped popcorn. I do add some butter, but no salt.

Soft Drinks

I use to spend so much money on soft drinks. Many years ago I even had a bad habit of drinking Coca Cola right up until bedtime. And yes, I still slept well, so no problem there.

Not only did the soft drinks cost a lot but it also wasn’t any good for me.

Today I drink water, tea and the occasional hot chocolate in the winter.

The above items sound simple, right? That is because they are. And if you make these changes you will find that you will feel and look better, and your bank account will look better too.

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