10 Free Family Activities to Stay in Shape

For many families quality time together is limited between work, school, sports, extracurricular activities and friends. Carving out time for a workout can be difficult. Additionally, costly gym memberships are often an expense that doesn’t fit in the family budget. Finding a way to kill two birds with one stone is always welcomed. Here are … Read more10 Free Family Activities to Stay in Shape

Removing Hard Water Stains the Cheap Green Way

If you’ve never had to deal with hard water stains count your blessings. When we moved to the desert in 2003 I began my quest to find a solution to hard water and soap scum build up on glass shower doors. I tried everything from expensive shower cleaners and magic erasers to CLR and straight … Read moreRemoving Hard Water Stains the Cheap Green Way

Guide To Getting Your Free Credit Report

When it comes to your credit history, you’d be amazed how many things in life are affected by the almighty FICO score. The interest rate you pay on loans and credit cards, car insurance premiums, rental agreements and in some instances whether you get that job you’re applying for. Something that can affect so many … Read moreGuide To Getting Your Free Credit Report

Store Coupon Policies – Keep ‘Em Handy

Whether you classify yourself as an “Extreme Couponer” or simply someone who likes to stretch the grocery budget with a few coupons, it’s always important to familiarize yourself with store coupon policies.  Why? To save money and prevent headaches. As a novice couponer, it wasn’t until I read my local grocery store coupon policy that … Read moreStore Coupon Policies – Keep ‘Em Handy