10 Colleges With the Best Value for 2017

There are more colleges operating today than can be easily catalogued, and each one of them has its own perks. However, the very real issue of how much college can cost and what kind of debt it can bring is often paired up with the quality of the education received. People understandably want to get … Read more

10 Reasons an Ivy League School is Not Worth Your Time

Yale, Princeton, Harvard; they’re all Ivy League schools. They’re some of the top schools in the nation – in the world, really. They’re the schools that produce the most millionaires and billionaires. They’re the institutions of higher learning in which old-money families expect their children will graduate with honors. They’re the first step to real-world … Read more

Why Cursive Writing is Disappearing From Schools

If ever you’ve needed a prescription from your doctor, you’ve seen a poor example of what was, at one time, cursive handwriting. Some people refer to it as a chicken scratch and some people refer to it as a great way to get the wrong prescription considering the fact that it’s completely illegible. But that’s … Read more