25 Best Dive Bars in America

Bud Light X Lady Gaga Dive Bar Tour At The 5 Spot In Nashville, TN

A dive bar is a disreputable bar or pub where local residents gather to drink and socialize. Have you ever walked into a bar, looked around, and thought, “Wow, this place could really use some work?” or maybe “This bar is really one of a kind” or even “I can’t believe they are playing that … Read more

20 Worst Streets In America

Record Flooding Forces North Dakota Residents To Evacuate

Ever since the decline of industrial output in the United States started in the 1960s, America has experienced a surge in unemployment levels and the attendant side effects such as a drop in real wages, drug trafficking, gun violence, high crime rates, and homicides. Inasmuch as just about every corner of the nation is affected, some … Read more

Flight Booking Mistakes That Will Cost You Money

Flights have become more and more affordable as the planet becomes more and more inter-connected. However, it is important to remember that flights remain relatively expensive at hundreds of dollars per trip, meaning that interested individuals should do all that they can to lower their flight prices when booking. Fortunately, flight costs see a great … Read more

10 Ways to Build a Rock Solid Travel Budget

Curing your wanderlust can be an expensive endeavor, but when you get the itch to travel it’s hard to resist. If you don’t have a trust fund or a huge bank account to draw from, you’ll need to get creative with building your travel budget and commit to sticking to it. Fortunately, creating a feasible … Read more