20 Cars to Avoid in 2018

From sports cars to sedans to family-sized SUVs, manufacturers have introduced their 2018 vehicle lineup in time for the holiday season. Consumers aren’t afraid to spend their money on a shiny new car when the holidays roll around, and this is the time of year many people are comparing new rides. Unfortunately, not all 2018 … Read more

Airlines Shift From Miles to Price-Based Rewards

rewards from airlines

A Continental flight from Tampa to Hawaii when my husband and I visited the very first time earned us thousands and thousands of flights on our Continental reward membership account. Now Continental is United and virtually no airlines are offering miles based on actual miles flown anymore. It was announced at the beginning of 2015 … Read more

School Staffer Steals $25,000 To Buy a Boat

As a parent I must say that I find this completely despicable.  We know that there is corruption in school districts but when it comes to stealing money that’s supposed to be for education, it’s where I really draw the line.  And today’s story is truly disturbing.  Recently an audit uncovered more than $25,000 missing … Read more