IRS Scams: 3 Signs You Might Be the Victim

IRS Scams It seems that scam artists and criminals have a plan for almost every situation, including tax time. It’s happening more and more frequently every year, and tax payers have to be vigilant about their income taxes, their personal information and your finances. It did happen that the IRS was hacked and the damages … Read more

5 Tax Filing Mistakes To Avoid

tax return mistakes

As the date to file your income taxes draws nearer, we find ourselves working against the clock to get our taxes filed and that part of our year behind is. This time, though, does not come without a certain amount of stress and worry. Did I do everything correctly? Did I remember to include everything? … Read more

Ten Ways to Make Charitable Gifts Work for You

The statistics show that Americans are big on giving to charity. The amounts average approximately two percent of the GDP for the country and it is estimated that the majority of the funding is made by individuals versus corporations with approximately eighty eight percent of households giving to charity. In addition to helping those less … Read more