20 Meals So Disgusting They Need to Be Banned

Worst food ever

Food is delicious. I’m big on eating. I love a good meal, especially when it’s one my husband cooks. He’s an amazing cook – he should do it professionally (but he’s a banker, so he doesn’t). I love escargot in a decadent sauce, filet mignon lightly seasoned, broccoli seasoned with just a hint of olive oil and garlic and wine seasoning and baked until it’s crisp. Zucchini cut in half and sprinkled with olive oil, fresh garlic and just a hint of fresh parmesan and baked until it’s sizzling, roasted red potatoes with rosemary, edamame in the pod steamed and lightly coated with fresh garlic, EVOO and fresh parmesan…I could go on. I love good food that’s good for me, and it’s even better when it’s been paired with an amazing bottle of wine.

I admit that I even take photos of my husband’s amazing cooking, or the meals served to us at a fabulous restaurant and post them to Instagram to share with the world. I love a pretty meal. What I do not love, though, are some of the meals that people like to put on social media. Some of them look so disgusting, seem so nasty, that we should focus on laws banning them from existence, because…well, ew. Read on to see and think about the meals we’ve seen that are so disgusting they need to be banned from ever happening again. Also, we apologize if you gag.

Photo by Getty Images