25 Interesting Facts About Coffee (America’s National Beverage)

woman drinking a cup of coffee

Have you ever sat at your favorite coffee shop sipping your favorite refreshing treat, and wondered about the coffee itself? Have you ever noticed as you rush out to work in the morning that almost every person you see is carrying a cup of coffee of some kind? Coffee is one of those things that humans love and we need it, yet we don’t spend a lot of time considering where it originates or how it gets to us. The fact is 100 million Americans drink coffee every day. Some are strict with a one cup per day rule, while others consume it multiple cups throughout the day for increased energy and alertness. Maybe we should take a little time and get to know our national breakfast drink better. After all, coffee has been America’s national beverage since December 16, 1773, when a group of Patriots dumped tea into Boston Harbor.

 (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)