The 10 Most Annoying Things That Bridesmaids Say


Bridesmaids; you have to love them. I mean, you don’t have to love them, but you probably do love them since you did ask them to stand up with you on the most important day of your life. These are women that are among the most important people in your life, and they have been there for you – and vice versa – for a long time. They are your best friends, your confidants, and your sisters. They’re the women you would trust with your life, and the women who you can’t imagine living your life without. Yet the moment you get engaged and begin planning your wedding these women become insane and drive you nuts. Or maybe you become insane and imagine that they’re nuts because you’d like to shift the blame elsewhere so that you don’t have to face the harsh reality that you might have gone a little bit off the deep end.

That’s neither here nor there, however. It doesn’t matter who might be a little crazy, who might be a little annoying and who might be driving whom nuts. What matters is that sometimes bridesmaids, crazy or not, say things that are really annoying. And we have 10 of their most annoying comments right here for your reading pleasure.

1. I Wish I Could Help More

Then help more. Don’t say it if you’re not doing it. We get that you’re busy; we are all busy. But nothing is more annoying that listening to someone tell you she’s in the middle of a spa day and she’s so looking forward to sleeping in and going out to meet guys while simultaneously telling you that she’s just so jam packed with stuff she can’t help you with the wedding planning. Sure thing, sister. No one expects you to stop having a life, but if you take on the role, you should do the job.

2. I Wish I Looked Better in my Dress

Your passive aggressive way of telling us that you hate your dress is not lost on brides (do you like how I say us like I’m the bride when I’m about to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary in less than two months). As a bride, I loved the dresses my bridesmaids picked 10 years ago, and they said they loved them, too (they chose them, so they should). As a former bridesmaid several times over, I’ve liked one dress I’ve paid for. And I can assure you that my mouth stayed closed to the brides about my dislike over the rest.