20 New Cars To Avoid at All Costs

Cars To Avoid: Range Rover Evoque

Buying a new car is more work than you might assume. While it took me many years to realize that buying a car a year old was a much wiser financial decision (no more eating all that depreciation), it’s still a lot of work. When I buy a car, much like many of the people in the world, I buy one that takes my lifestyle into consideration and fits it nicely. For example, when we bought my husband’s two-seater convertible, we did so because we have four kids and we wanted something fun and enjoyable to drive around on date nights – but we also wanted the safest one on the market (is that even possible in a car the size of our kids’ Power Wheels Escalade?).

When we purchased my big SUV, we did all the work to find the one that would fit our family of six with plenty of trunk space, all the upgrades and great safety features. It’s a lot of work – and we found that it was far easier for me to take the list of vehicles I loved and wanted to consider and then compare them to Consumer Reports’ annual auto report. However, I didn’t check them against the best cars on the market (at first). I checked the large SUVs I wanted to consider to see if they were on the annual list of cars to avoid at all costs. The only one I was considering that made the list was the Volvo XC90. While I didn’t love the vehicle it particular, I did love the safety ratings. But once I saw that no one else liked it and felt it was worth the money or the time and effort, I quickly crossed it off my list and made my final decision.

If you’re in the same boat searching for a new car to accommodate your lifestyle, your family or just your wants and needs, perhaps knowing which vehicles are a complete waste of time from the start will help you make the most informed decision possible. Read on to find out which new cars you should avoid this year at all costs.

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Cars To Avoid - Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90

This particular SUV has amazing safety ratings, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Considered a luxury SUV, it’s still got the old design that’s not good enough to fit into this category in the first place, and it’s got no competitive edge as far as technology, comfort and a smooth ride are concerned. Cross this one off your list of luxury SUVs and move onto the next.

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Cars To Avoid - Nissan Armada

Nissan Armada

This is a large SUV, but it doesn’t get the same reputation as something like the Escalade, the Yukon or the Suburban might. That’s because it’s got terrible fuel economy (13 miles per gallon, really?) and it’s not that comfortable. Also Consumer Reports’ states that the vehicle is very costly to maintain and that it’s not all that reliable. In terms of large SUVs, it’s considered the worst in terms of reliability and cost, which is why you just do not see that many of them on the road.

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Cars To Avoid - Ford Edge

Ford Edge

It’s a crossover SUV that’s supposed to be a great fit for someone with SUV needs without the huge family like my own. However, the ride is not smooth. In fact, it’s actually described as quite jittery and the MyFord Touch is not that easy to use. In fact, it’s been described as distracting and very poorly designed. Additionally, there is a significant amount of road noise associated with this particular crossover SUV, and that makes it one many people don’t even want to bother with in general.

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Cars To Avoid - Lincoln MKX

Lincoln MKX

It’s sad for me to see this vehicle on the list since it’s what I had prior to welcoming our little ones. This SUV was great for me, but Consumer Reports states that MyLincoln  Touch system is not easy to use and the is not the most reliable system. Additionally, drivers do complain that it is a clumsy drive with a long way to go before it can be reconsidered in line with the luxury SUV category that it belongs in.

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Cars To Avoid - Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Yet another luxury SUV on the list just did not make it up to par this model year. The Range Rover is long considered one of the most stylish and desirable SUVs on the road, but this one falls dramatically short. According to Consumer Reports, this particular model is choppy on your ride, it has a lot of noise in the cabin that does not make for a pleasant ride, and it also has terrible handling. In short, it’s not what you might expect from this particular vehicle.

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Cars To Avoid - BMW 7-Series

BMW 7-Series

Unfortunately, it appears that this year this car makes the list as one of the luxury sedans consumers should avoid. While I don’t have one of this model year, I did have a BMW sedan up until last year, and I can honestly say that it was not my favorite car. It was not a smooth ride, it was not as luxurious as a luxury car should be and it was a car that spent more time in the shop than it did in my garage, which is not a great concept. It seems Consumer Reports believes the same.

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Cars To Avoid - lincoln MKS

Lincoln MKS

It seems that yet another Lincoln has made the list as one of the worst cars of the year. Avoid this one at all costs as it’s supposed to be a luxury sedan, but it falls very short. According to Consumer Reports, this particular vehicle does not look or feel much like a luxury sedan, and that’s not a good thing considering the fact that so many people want to drive a vehicle like this for that particular reason only.

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Cars To Avoid - Ford Taurus

Ford Taurus

Who knew that these were even still vehicles that Ford made? Well, they are, but they’re not cars you should consider. This sedan is quite large, yet the cabin feels tiny. It has very difficult infotainment systems and does not work properly for drivers to control when behind the wheel. Additionally, it seems that the reliability of this particular vehicle is not up to par, which makes it one to avoid at all costs.

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Cars To Avoid - Chrysler 200

Chrysler 200

This particular sedan falls very short of what a car should offer to drivers. The problem is that this is considered a corporate car and many companies will offer them at a steep discount so that they are very cheap. That’s not something that should drive you to purchase this vehicle, however, as it’s not a good drive, it’s not luxurious and it’s not as easy to maneuver as you might expect.

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Cars To Avoid - Dodge Avenger

Dodge Avenger

This is another vehicle you should avoid at all costs. Not only is it shaped in a way that makes it look awkward, the layout is also awkward. It’s the kind of vehicle that requires you make certain adjustments, such as adjusting your expectations of what a vehicle should include and encompass, because it simply does not have much going for it other than the fact that it’s a new car and it’s really cheap.

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Cars To Avoid - Scion tC

Scion tC

This is a car that many young people tend to choose because of its sporty appearance, but the lack of driving enjoyment is going to turn many buyers off. According to Consumer Reports, this particular vehicle is simply not all that enjoyable, it’s a hard ride and it is not one that many people feel they want to have once they get behind the wheel of this particular vehicle.

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Cars To Avoid - Lexus IS

Lexus IS

In terms of luxury sedans, this is a small one and it does not live up to the hype. This vehicle is nowhere near as luxurious as it needs to be, it’s not as powerful as it needs to be and it’s not as easy to drive as it needs to be. This luxury sedan falls very short in terms of luxury sedans, and it seems that many people would agree with that sentiment if they were given the opportunity to drive this particular vehicle.

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Cars To Avoid - Dodge Dart

Dodge Dart

As my father would say from the start, never drive a Dodge. Actually, he’d say never drive American, but particularly a Dodge, and it seems that there are plenty of these on the list. It’s not very refined, it’s more expensive than other vehicles in the compact category and it offers far less than those. It’s not the kind of car you want to drive if you are looking for anything other than completely basic from head to toe.

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Cars To Avoid - Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark

It’s a subcompact car, and everyone knows that those are not exactly luxurious. However, this one is particularly bad in terms of what to expect in a car like this. This particular vehicle is missing a smooth ride and then some. It’s very small, and it’s got a very weak engine that makes it almost dangerous to drive around.

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Cars To Avoid - Jeep

Jeep Patriot

There are a lot of Jeeps on this list since they’re just not good vehicles. It seems that the only one worth mentioning is the Wrangler since it’s clearly an outdoor vehicle. This particular car is not one that you want considering the fact that it has nothing to offer, including a lack of space. It’s fine to drive but it has nothing even remotely spectacular about which to brag.

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Cars To Avoid - Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee

Yet another Jeep on the list this year; it’s plain to see that this company is not working hard to make sure that their vehicles are impressive. This one is lackluster in many ways. It’s got an under-powered engine, poor fuel-efficiency and it lacks a refined nature. All in all, it’s a cheap vehicle that looks and feels just as cheap as you might expect from a vehicle with nothing to offer.

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Cars To Avoid - Honda Crosstour

Honda Crosstour

This wagon is not one that you want to call your own. It does not handle well, it does not come with an easy-to-use operating system and it does not have much of what you want to make life work nicely behind the wheel. It’s a poor choice for anyone who wants a wagon that has it all.

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Cars To Avoid - Jeep Compass

Jeep Compass

This is a vehicle that has a very rough engine and sluggish drive. After having a Jeep as a rental car recently in Tennessee, I can tell you that it’s basic and has nothing worth noting. In fact, I was horrified to even be in this car with nothing in it – it has manual window operations. It’s also cheap looking and feeling, which is never good.

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Cars To Avoid - Dodge Journey

Dodge Journey

This is a crossover SUV that has little to offer. It’s also tied for first place with the Jeep with three different vehicles on this list this year. The Journey has no reliability, it’s not agile and it has a transmission that seems to not want to do what it’s supposed to do when downshifting. All in all, it’s not worth the price you will pay to drive this.

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Cars To Avoid - Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi Outlander

This is not a refined ride. It’s clumsy and rough, it’s stiff and the interior looks like it came with a $20 budget and someone had to work hard to make that last throughout the cabin. At the end of the day, this is not the vehicle that you want to call your own. Skip it and move on to something a little more interesting, luxurious and worth paying for.

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  1. I would like to know what makes Tiffany even remotely qualified to write an article about cars to avoid. Seems she bases her opinions on Consumer Reports which is extremely biased and in my estimation no longer trustworthy or her personal opinion. Consumer Reports is very biased toward Japanese imports and when it comes to the Ford infotainment system are either complete morons or full of cr*p. I had an Edge and the system was no harder to use then any other manufacturer. The issue Ford had was with the Microsoft software malfunctioning and once they installed new software never had a glitch again. I know many people who have Jeeps and they all love them, my daughter has a Jeep Patriot ( hated the non SUV shape of the new Ford Escape) and yes it is small but for the money has been a good bargain. On the Range Rover Evoque the real issue when I drove one was the turbo lag, cramped interior and the glass roof which turned me away.

    • Actually, MOST people with SUVs shouldn’t have the, and don’t really need them for a family, the minivan is a faaaaar better choice. Safer, better on gass, more room, less expensive,lower center of gravity, and also they aren’t wasting four wheel drive on a vehicle that is forever pavement bound. Lastly, most folks ( yeah…I’ll say it-WOMEN) who are is a sub are somewhat distracted and these damn things are dangerous to the rest of us. Secondly the sense of safety women derive from sitting up high? It’s a joke. Higher means tipper. It also installs false bravado when it comes to aggressive driving. 9 times out of ten it’s a female that almost drives me off the road at 90 mph in a grand -Denali -path-runner-lade-xxl!!! Do right by your kids and others on the road and stop trying to be trendy and buy the correct vehicle!!!!! If you aren’t hunting, hauling oil rig workers,rock crawling in Death Valley, pulling snow machines to vail, or rescuing mountain climbers, SUVs are vain and stupid. Period. Ps, I’m from Alaska….in the winter-it’s not cars and vans that are upside down in all the ditches . Guess what are…

      • Who cares what you have to say? I’ve driven midsize/large SUVs all of my life with big ole’ gas guzzeling V8s and I’m damn proud of it! I’m single, 32, have no kids and don’t partake in any of the activities that you listed and 99.9% of the time I am the only one in my car. But it’s my money, and I will buy whatever I want with the money I earn, you have no say in the matter. I don’t need a Lincoln Navigator, but I wanted one. I get what I want. I don’t give a hoot about gas mileage either. It’s not even a factor. Before my Navigator, I had another Lincoln truck that I purchased in 2008 when gas was tipping $5/gallon and this thing required 91+ octane. I used that as a bargaining chip during negotiations.

        You’re probably a liberal who thinks they know what’s best for everyone and wants to control how other people live.

        After the Navigator get old, I’ll either get a current generation Navigator L or if I don’t want to succumb to driving a V6, an F-450 King Ranch will do nicely, and It will never haul and damn thing!

        • Don’t care what you have to say or what you think. Being called a douche by your kind is an honor. Enjoy your Prius. What don’t you people understand about having zero right to dictate what other people drive or buy?

          • My anti-suv comments weren’t aimed at people like you, but at soccer moms with kids who prioritize their CAR IMAGE over making safe and practical vehicle choices for their kids. If you crank out little humans, then you dont get to be cool aby more…suck it up and get a minivan. Secondly—No Prius, I drive Mustang GTs. You’re still a douche. Remember, tool, YOU started this. I merely stated my opinion, as is my right to do. YOU are the one who got all butthurt and ,OBVIOUSLY ,overly defensive over nothing…..or perhaps I hit a nerve and you really do have insecurity issues? Nonetheless, good luck. I respect YOUR opinions, whether I agree or not. If you want to continue responding with the belligerence, like a douche, that is YOUR right, but at some point you should let go. Maybe go out and polish your rolling ding dong or something.

            • Why do you care or why do you think you have any say whatsoever in the way other people spend their money? If someone with 4 kids would rather drive a Suburban then a Caravan, why do you think you should have any say in the matter?

              I get defensive over idiot liberals aka socialists who think they can dictate what kind of car I drive, what kind of food I eat, how I can defend myself and what kind of flag I fly.

                • Never had to call the cops or FD. I went to a parochial school up until high school and the vast majority of interstates I’ve driven on are tolled.

                  Still didn’t answer the question of why you think you need to dictate how people spend their own hard earned money. Unless you are a welfare sucking leach, as long as you aren’t doing anything illegal, you are not accountable to anyone how you spend your money. What don’t you understand?

                • You clearly don’t know what socialism is. All forms of government, including capitalism, necessarily involve citizens pooling resources to pay for infrastructure and public services. Even a monarchy has this characteristic. So you look foolish when you argue that using public roads, relying on police and fire protection, or receiving an education from a public school system means someone is a socialist. The funny part is that while your socialism reference was way off the mark, the poster you were mocking arguably did describe some real characteristics of socialism (ie, a government dictating what products its citizens can obtain either through market restrictions on what can be sold in the country or by directly providing a limited set of products to its citizens for free). To be fair, the other poster wasn’t very accurate himself, but at least he somewhat accurately described one commonly criticized feature of most socialist systems. You pointed to a feature present in ALL forms of government though. Congratulations, you just got you beat in a debate with a conspiracy theorist because you overreached. I don’t think there is a clear winner argument on either side of the point you were debating but overreaching with arguments like yours accomplishes nothing but solidify your opponent’s opposition to your position.

      • My wife does a lot of crafting and has an suv. So do many other crafters she knows. Just don’t go assuming the reason why people buy suvs is the be trendy. Also, your opinion on distracted women drivers is bs. There are just as many guys that are like this too.

  2. Hi, Interesting. Also, you would suggest the best SUVs that you recommend for us or You made one yourself to have complete satisfaction. Await your reply at the earliest.

  3. Your analysis of these vehicles seems very brief and without much depth. Almost seems like you were summarizing some of what Consumer Reports had to say in their ratings and that’s about it. It’s really not a big deal but you titled your article, ” 20 New Cars to Avoid at All Costs” which makes it a big deal. Maybe your editor is picking on you and just gave you this assignment. I travel a great deal, am in the automotive business from the mechanical side and have driven many of these vehicles and they performed just fine. I have my favorite vehicle manufacturers however, GM does not rank high on the list. I noticed, with the exception of the Spark, which no one will ever drive”, you left this manufacturer out of this review? Whether intentional or not, it’s very obvious you did this and by the way, you should personally review some GM vehicles because they have their lemons too.

  4. This story is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the internet. I was actually interested in the headline and began to read the piece when I was smacked in the face once again with a startling reality: anyone can get anything published online! What a colossal waste of time and virtual ink. Ms. Raiford, you have taken 7 minutes of my life from me and I’m not getting it back. You actually have no, I mean ZERO idea of what you are talking about. How sad.

    • I posted two days ago in response to your comment, saying that you had more or less hit the nail on the head. The author seems to have little insight, and she uses Consumer Reports as her “go to” backup, even though CR has little insight itself, being they are not really car guys much. I also said I might consult CR for its opinion but I would get real advice elsewhere from those whom I consider to be actual experts. This author is a very nice person I am sure, but her car advice is apparently more about perceived style and others’ reactions than it seems to be about actual vehicle worth. Was my comment removed because I ended with (OMG)? If so, someone is awfully touchy. No actual offense was intended.

    • I’ve driven most of these vehicles on the list and can testify the list is rather correct. Really, any list is correct if they put “Dodge” and “Worst/Avoid” together.

    • Terry, you are absolutely correct in your assessment of this “reporter”! Like you I was interested, wanted to find out what not to buy. But, for goodness sakes, all she is doing is basically repeating the same phrases – over and over again. You are right again – she has no clue what she is talking about! Waste of my time and yours.

      • I posted several days ago in response to your comment, saying that you had
        more or less hit the nail on the head. The author seems to have little
        insight, and she uses Consumer Reports as her “go to” backup, even
        though CR has little insight itself, being they are not really car guys
        much. I also said I might consult CR for its opinion but I would get
        real advice elsewhere from those whom I consider to be actual experts.
        This author is a very nice person I am sure, but her car advice is
        apparently more about perceived style and others’ reactions than it
        seems to be about actual vehicle worth. Was my comment removed because I
        ended with (OMG)? If so, someone is awfully touchy. No actual offense
        was intended.

    • It appears the author trashes cars she when she finds the info centers are too confusing for her to operate. Ride is a subjective issue. What is a comfortable ride for me, may not be for the next person. She also doesn’t realize that cost of the product may make one vehicle not have the luxury feel of another.

      I spent 40 years in the automobile business. I have seen everything from people who loved their Chevy Vega to people who hated their Ferrari. When you start to look for a new vehicle you base your decision on your own past experience, your pocketbook, friends and relatives opinions, and articles by so-called experts. In the final analysis you purchase a vehicle which meets your wants, needs and budget and possibly the relationship you have with the dealer. In other words, you must feel you are getting value for your dollar. Just reading an article by a self proclaimed expert can hurt as much as help.

      • They should hire you to write the article. She trashed cars with no real stats to back it up. Anyone can get the car buyers guide from Consumer’s or the book store and learn about today’s autos. No homework was done here. Therefore no usable info in this article. Thank you Justavet for a well said and true comment.

      • A million car owner bad experiences tops anything. After studying C.U. my several car breakdowns stopped. Avoided junk makers since early 1950’s. Biased opinions are worthless.

    • Thank you for saying something.. I read the article as well and was alarmed at how unsubstantiated the piece was. The repetitive nature of the reviews and cluelessness was shocking. Sure I agree with some of her choices, but does the writer realize that vehicles can be equipped with options not on the rental rocket she once rented in Tennessee? I’m embarrassed for this woman.

  5. She puts the MKX on the list even though she personally loved hers. Woman logic. Sorry to sound sexist, but there is no other explanation.
    Truth be told a minivan is the best choice for anyone who has kids and most who don’t over an SUV or Crossover. Better ride, lower maintenance cost and much much more room. But minivans aren’t “Cool” so people get SUVs which have little extra room and the 3rd row seats are a joke. Thankfully my wife and I are old enough that we no longer worry about being cool, and love our minivans.

  6. Lame articles like this make me wonder just what the author expects from a car. There is zero useful information other than bumpy rides and weak engines. There are not sports cars and were never designed as such so describing a car is not nimble just kills me. What is it supposed to do that would deserve the word nimble? Lame slamming other drivers? Leapfrogging other cars? I have an 02 Outlander. No it was not expensive or fancy. I didn’t pay a lot for it. I did get the functionality I wanted. AWD and cargo space that is very handy for a price point I could afford. It gets me where I need to go. I get there warm, dry and safe. It didn’t break my bank. Comparing all of these cars to luxury or high performance vehicles is just silly.

  7. You idiots. The XC90 is all new and has a waiting list it’s so popular. It’s received raves in every review and KBB has already declared it should have above average resale.

  8. Tiffany sorry to say but barely of these cars go on that list especially xc90 and is250 which you put a gsF picture on… disappointment that people can publish without real research now a days this should have been a personal Facebook post instead

  9. The number of times that Tiffany says “in fact” during the bashing of the new Ford Edge is reason enough not to believe a word she says. I don’t think she has driven one vehicle on the list.

  10. It’s baloney that you’re telling us to avoid vehicles based on their lack of gadgets, styles, “keeping up with the times”, and being horrified by manual window handles. I agree that some vehicles on this list should be avoided, but for their reliability like the Land Rover and Jeeps. Author sounds like a spoiled, stuck up, high maintenance knucklehead. I will take reliability waaaaay before “style”. I’ll take a 1974 Ford pickup with an dinosaur age interior but will last 200k-300k before having problems anyday over a brand new Jaguar that will have the auto repair shop as its second home. What’s the point of having a stylish vehicle if it’ll constantly leave you stranded on the side of the road or need to go to the shop every 3 days?

  11. Whoever set this ‘review’ up needs to study basic English structure. What are you, a twelve-year-old in pajamas? Oh, yeah, never read American.

  12. The worst story on cars I have ever read. There was no actual personal review, simpy a restating from the writer’s fav CR.
    Please…how cheap an attempt at publishing to earn a salary can you get?

  13. It’s amazing how somebody who is obviously completely clueless about automobiles can in this day and age get something published as if he or she is an authority on the subject and have their prose read by many, while at the same time, wasting everybody’s time.

  14. Incredibly poorly written – in fact, at about #8 or 10 I was looking to see who could possibly have been writing – it looks like about 4th grade grammar and certainly no clue about automobiles. I was hoping for some interesting scoop by a knowledgeable automotive writer, given that we’re always in the market for a good car, but wow – this is amazingly poor effort!! Painful to read!!

  15. Although I don’t disagree with the list of cars to avoid I have to agree with the other posters that this lady needs to not quit her day job. Worst writing I have seen on the internet in some time. Do they actually pay you for this?

  16. So here’s the stupid part…. You choose cheap cars to rate, then you judge them for cheapness. There’s nothing wrong with manual windows in sub 20,000 dollar cars.many of these cars are, definitely turds, but come on, judge the quality and reliability not because they don’t have Bluetooth or iPads. Females and MilLENIALS buy cars that have lots of silly little doodads, without any thought to practicality or reliability, or build quality. Also, believe it or not, some cars are SUPPOSED to have a hard ride. That makes them corner better. If that’s not YOUR thing, that doesn’t make it a bad car, just not YOUR car. In the future stick with things you know. Maybe rate smart phones, or trendy eateries or something.

    • Matt, don’t lump all women in the same box. I’m a woman and I don’t really want all the little bells and whistles and shiny things on my car. I couldn’t care less about the Bluetooth or the built-in DVD players for passengers that I won’t be carting around. I also prefer a manual transmission over automatic. Yes, I know how and can even drive one with “three in the tree”. It’s not rocket science.

  17. Best part: I didn’t own the flagship luxury model but I did own a different car from this maker and it was not luxurious so don’t buy this luxury model because their other model was not luxurious.

  18. I have seldom, if ever, agreed with any assessment of Consumer Reports, which seems to be this amatuer’s exclusive measure. The magazine is, after all, originally an outlet for a bunch of commies and uses their criteria for ratings.

    • >> The magazine is, after all, originally an outlet for a bunch of commies

      That’s actually true folks.
      Considering what Doug Dimauro’s been telling us about his Range Rover over at Jalopnik; most reasonably well versed vehicle enthusiasts wouldn’t get near one without brandishing a silver cross at it. They apparently break a lot.

      • Most intelligent folks know Range Rovers are mechanical albatrosses, which is why you buy a Defender or a Series II-III, which you can fix with screwdrivers, wrenches and hammers. Luxury SUVs are a concept douchebags thought up.

  19. The only point I would agree with her is that the Jeep Grand Cherokee does have an underpowered engine… if you get the V6. The V8 is powerful enough.

  20. Dear Tiffany, Do you know why some men think women should stick to writing articles about polishing their nails and baking cakes? It is because of YOU. Do you even have a driver’s license?

  21. This looks like a rehash of a Consumer Reports database. Plus, did anyone mention that the Dodge Avenger is actually discontinued for 2016? Additionally, the article mentioned a Jeep Cherokee but has an image of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. So… which is it?

  22. Right or wrong, Tiffany needs to learn to write. Her prose is insipid. Additionally, her self bio changes POV within the first sentence. LOL And isn’t it just so “adorably CUTE”. 🙁 Pathetic.

    P.S. TIffany used up the entire supply of the word “particular” for this year. No one else is not allowed to use it until at least 2016.

  23. I bought a brand new Ford Edge Eco Boost in 2012 and I can’t understand where you got the word jittery and not so smooth and noisy in describing a Ford Edge performance, so far I’m still driving that SUV today and it still as smooth as silk and silent and of course not as jittery as you describe.

  24. I guess your Dad has this one…never buy a Dodge, well, thats that I guess! The Dart ranks well against other compact sedans and if you actually LOOK at its cost compared to other compact cars it falls right in the middle. Its based on Alfa Romeo architecture with turbo and non turbo Fiat/ Alfa multiAir engines, very high tech. I think you drove a 69 Dart with a slant-6, I agree, it probably felt basic.

  25. Okay Tiffany, you know this isnt a Jeep Cherokee, right? Its a Grand Cherokee? The Cherokee is a totally different vehicle. That said, the Grand Cherokee is perhaps the sportiest, most luxurious, most capable and most bad-ass of all SUVs, especially in its SRT8 guise. I think you are talking about a boxy 1999 Cherokee Classic. To say its under powered is hilarious, did you get a 305HP 3.6L model or the 3.0L EcoDiesel with 240 hp and 420 lbs/ft of torque? Maybe you drove the 5.7L Hemi V8 with 360 hp. Did you know that the Grand Cherokee is considered to be the best American made SUV and has won more awards than any other SUV ever? I would also suggest that as with all cars, you drive them outdoors, not just a Jeep Wrangler.

  26. Hi dummy….the Crosstour is a wagon? Do you have eyes? Also, of particular amusement is that it does not have and “easy to use operating system”. Are you sure you are speaking of a car and not Windows 8? The Crosstour is highly rated, very reliable and ranks at the top of its class. This is the most fun I have had reading an article in a long time.

  27. The Compass you have pictured is at least vintage 2009 as it was redesigned for the 2010 model year. Im going to mostly let this one go but still, if you were driving a 6 or 7 yr old Compass I can see that it wasnt the best.

  28. OMG! We get to a car that I actually own! Our Journey is a trouper, it braves the Alaskan winter with courage and has for years. I dont know what you are talking about with the transmission unless you drove a 4cyl with the CVT. Ours is an all wheel drive SXT with the 3.6L V6 and its awesome. no reliability issues, its interior is amazingly versatile and in a comparison test of the 2015 model in Car and Driver it came in second in its class. I would recommend a Journey to anyone.

  29. Terrible article written soley on Consumer Reports information not real life test drives or having spent time on any of these vehicles. I happen to have a 2015 Chrysler 200 leased in October 2014 now it’s a year with me with zero problems, rides great, the infotainment system is the best of any car I’ve drven, superb high quality fit and finish and very comfortable. Mind you this is the car Consumer Reports voted the worst mid size car of 2015…really wtf …the mid size Mitsubishi Galant is really pure garbage…I had it as a rental car…awful awful car. I can keep going on this completely irrelevant I information.

  30. Honda Crosstour does not belong on this list. Dodge may be crap now but back in the day Dodge Darts were one of the most dependable cars around and Chrysler was ahead of their time in many areas. Your dad knows as little as you do about cars. Don’t make a statement such as “never buy a Dodge” unless you have some facts to back it up.

  31. I have not read yet, but would hope a Nissan with there belt drive transmission is #1 on the list along with the Versa. My o9 Versa over a year ago with 160,000 miles almost 120,000 on the Interstate has a cracked head and a CVT that won’t pull. I was thinking when i bought it new that if any thing broke that just should not Nissan would warranty it. I was $18,000 wrong. What a hit to my wallet.

  32. I don’t take these articles seriously. I usually check out KBB. Some of the reviews are a prime example of how petty some people are. They purchase the cheapest version, and then bum rap it, because it doesn’t have this, or that. Some of the reviews are on models that are 5 years old, and the newer version may be a totally improved over an older version. You get what you pay for in most cases. In other cases you pay more than you should. It basically boils down to what a person wants to drive. I don’t care what someone else drives. I’m not paying for it, driving it, or paying to keep it on the road. These writers obviously don’t have anything else better to do!

  33. Title should be, “Avoid and and all works of fiction by Rookie, Cub Reporter, Tiffany Raiford. You have better ways to spend your time then reading her mindless drivel.

  34. This is a terrible article. It should be titled Cars to Avoid if You Want A Luxury Car. Cars to avoid implies that they are unsafe or unreliable. I only read about one or two of these. Just because someone doesn’t like the way a car looks, or rides… or that the technology isn’t intuitive is no reason to Avoid A Car At All Cost. My wife and I are actually looking at the Crosstour and have driven a few of them. We like it and I once I understood the navigation it was very simple.

  35. Your pic of a Jeep GRAND Cherokee doesn’t match the description of a Jeep Cherokee. So, which is it? You really can’t report to us on cars if you can’t even get the vehicle right. Same thing with the Lexus. You talk about the iS but have a picture a GS F. DOH!!!

  36. I mentioned that in my comment above. Same thing with the Lexus. She talks about an iS, but shows a GS F. I just traded in my 02 Grand Cherokee with just under 200,000 miles. It was my 4th Jeep and I’ll probably buy the Grand Wagoneer when it comes out.

  37. This is the dumbest article I’ve ever read. “. . . not as luxurious as it needs to be.” Are you kidding me? How about some objective advice consumers can actually use?

  38. If you use the the phrase “Who knew that these were even still vehicles that Ford made?” You can’t write this story. I stopped at the Taurus. I only lost three minutes I can’t get back.

  39. Once I saw the thumbnail pic and the first few vehicles on the list, I had to stop reading. Can’t really take this list seriously, and seems like instead of having personal experiences, this author just read stats on pages off of consumer reports or something. Poorly executed… This woman is the reason it’s hard for a woman to be a gearhead.

  40. Your reliance on Consumer Reports surprises me. I would rather rely on a number of expert auto magazine evaluations. I cancelled CR after they blasted my 2013 loaded Ford Fusion SE 6 speed manual. Other evaluators loved the car. I have 30k plus miles. Best car I ever owned. Well made, handles like a European sport sedan, fun to shift and drive, over 37 mpg on road trips. Fantastic car! Best part, $15k-$20k less than a Comparably equipped Bimmer or Audi.

  41. I don’t think this was actually authored by a human. The intelligence is so low, that it must have been written by a machine. Look at the Volvo for example, the text talks about how old and outdated the design is, and yet the picture shows the ALL NEW and class-leading design introduced a mere three months ago!

  42. Amazing all the examples but one were not GM autos. Do you think that Government Motors and Obuma might have had something to do with this submission?

  43. Ms. Raiford clearly has never driven many of these vehicles and believes whatever some person may have told them. I have friends that own a good number of these. The Grand Cherokee is one of the best SUVs on the market. The Evoque handles amazingly well for an SUV and has an incredible sound system. The Taurus is plenty fine and reliable (there’s a reason the police drive them). The new Chrysler 200 is very nice, has a very powerful V6 and the option of AWD. Maybe she’s thinking of the old one. And the comments about small, cheap, basic cars are irrelevant. You get what you pay for, and some people actually like crank windows. The MKX and Edge are both new this year, and are much nicer than their predecessors. The biggest fault in this article is how the XC90 is scathed. Yes it was old. Now there is a new one, and it is one of the finest luxury SUVs that is currently available, not to mention that it is drop dead gorgeous. Maybe Ms. Raiford should think twice before dabbling in automotive journalism and not approach it as if it is a tabloid story gossiping about celebrities’ faults and mistakes.

  44. What makes this Tiffany Raiford qualified to judge automobiles? She’s COMPLETELY off the mark on more than one of these. Her ‘daddy says dont buy American’?!?!
    WTF IS THAT?!!

    • So did lots of my friends’ parents when we were kids,….but I would put station wagons in the same category as SUVs & minivans. Station wagons were about the same size as an SUV but shorter. My point though was that you don’t have to be a farmer or something like that to need a whole lot more cargo space than the average car provides

  45. I don’t know where Tiffany got her information, but I don’t think she did much research. When I’m ready to buy my next car it won’t be based on this report; I’ll do my due diligence and save up some cash.

  46. Not normally one to comment on articles like this but this was just so bad! I am sure that you have an area of expertise but this is not it and you should really remove this article from the site. It is painfully obvious that you have almost no knowledge to back up what you are saying and it is irresponsible to put this out to the public as if it is real buying advice.

  47. The author, and good for her I guess, seems to have the luxury of issues regarding their two seater convertible and her large SUV. There are many of us who have worked for twenty five plus years and are just happy our 2008 Subaru is working well…this country is just amazing. I wonder if the writer even has any concept of how fortunate she is too even have her predicament.

  48. In addition to posting very little of substance (i.e. cars to avoid vs. cars you actually didn’t drive, save for a couple, and thus really can’t say with any accuracy that they’re really garbage) you rely solely on the subjective opinions of the negative consumer reporting (I know people who drive several of the cars on your list and they love them.) Not to mention while excoriating the Jeep CHEROKEE you posted a photo of the Jeep GRAND Cherokee, a vehicle that is considered by many to be a (semi) luxurious and capable vehicle.

    I know you tried but sorry, this article is simply terrible.

  49. As a many decades C.U. reader the article was accurate. A million car owner responses are far more valid than a few loyal owner stories. Every make has gems or lemons. I had too much junk before reading C.U. Quality isn’t expensive. How can people believe those ridiculous car commercials.

  50. Apparently, the buying public doesn’t agree. The Ford Edge (and its stable mate, the Lincoln MKX) is one of the most popular ones out there. We used ours to transport our granddaughters and it never lets us down. Traded up for the all wheel drive Lincoln MK-X. Not an issue. And I drive an Taurus SHO (AWD) and it has performance and milage. When I step on the “GO” pedal, it launches! Author is NOT qualified to actually evaluate any vehicle and is using some krap from Consumer Digest. Her father said “don’t buy American”! What kind of moronic nonsense is that? That is sort of like “don’t eat Chinese”!

  51. I agree with the rating of the Ford Taurus. My friends just bought one and they hate it. You feel crammed in it. Can’t hook the seatbelts without a lot of difficulty. Hard to get in and out of it. Bang your head getting in and then have to “unfold” to get out and I am not a tall person.

  52. Thank you for sharing this information. I bought a Nissan Altima in 2013 and love the car. Best gas milage anywhere from 32 MPG in Heavy City Traffic to 38-43 on a trip. My only complain with this car is the Road Noise otherwise a great car. Just love the gas milage.

  53. I do wish I had my 2002 Lincoln Continental back. I only had 50,000 miles and every thing was original including the tires. I did make a mistake by trading. I did not think that gas would come down again. OH! well. hindsight is always the best.

  54. There really are no bad cars anymore. The era of Yugos, Chevy Vegas and Hyundai Excels is over. Test drive the car and if it fits buy it. Consumer Reports is a colossal waste of time. The data separating recommended and not recommended is

  55. The last year for the Avenger was 2014. The Outlander pictured is the previous model, replaced in 2013??

    While I agree with many of their picks; Jeep Compass?? Seriously?? Patriot isn’t much better, but talk about a couple of cars completely undeserving of wearing the Jeep badge! Crosstour, Woof!

    As far as mopar in general, oh that’s right, mopar is dead. Fiat/Chrysler, I know there are a few exceptions; Real Jeep models, trucks, Charger, not sure on the 300, but otherwise, if you want want terrible resale value in a few years, go for it.

    Otherwise, perhaps the author should take a class on writing/media. Wow!

  56. I have a chrysler 200 in my drive way…It is a rental..I would never own one of these cars..I drove to SF yesterday which is about an hour and a half one way..The seat hurt my back after a while of driving..The car was OK…It is more of around town car and not much else..forget long distances period..It would be OK for a second car but there are better cars out there…

  57. “It’s easier to get into a Dodge than it is to get out of a Dodge” I wish that I had known that before I purchased one 13 years ago. When I tried to sell it 3 years later, it took me several price cuts and almost 8 months. YEEESH!!! Charger owners? Popular, right? Just wait. You’ll find out that there’s nothing special about a Dodge Charger. There are 4 on every block. Once, I was offered a Jeep Liberty as a rental car ‘upgrade’. When I asked why I was being offered a vehicle with an unsatisfactory rollover rating, and, a low reliability rating, the rep dropped his smile and allowed me to make another choice. Gee, thanks.

  58. This woman knows nothing about cars–absolutely nothing. Just another nonsensical opinion piece by someone who can barely write a cogent sentence.

  59. Obviously, a bunch of high school wannabe nerds write these articles on automobiles. They know absolutely NOTHING about anything automotive/mechanical. They hold forth on subjects of which they are completely, embarrassingly ignorant time after time and still they draw a paycheck for producing this drivel and drool??? It’s just juvenile BS trying to look grown up and important.

  60. Sorry I slogged through the story. Mostly unsourced info, and lack of details. The website fluff, however, goes on for miles and miles. I’m guessing the author was gifted a porsche when attending college, but what do I know…

  61. Oh, it is clear how you do it. You delete the posts you do
    not like. Shame on you, you zero, uniformed meddler. You’re a reporter of the
    worst type, the one that censors replies you do not like because they may debunk
    you “reporting” accuracy and knowledge. How dare you speak negatively about a 7 series
    BMW? Have you even seen the new model? The same for many other vehicles on your
    list, many of which have won awards and are selling like hot cakes. What? Are we
    supposed to like only baby hauler?

    I suggest you give up “inventing” an opinion based only on
    one source and not at all on personal experience. Your article is a piece of
    trash. So, keep your panties on, have fewer kids (better for the planet), and
    keep your nose out of subjects you have no qualifications to comment on? Really?????
    Stick to whining and wining. Maybe you’ll get something right someday. Maybe……

  62. This is the most stupid article that I ever read. Period. It really is. I think that the man that wrote this is retarded, have lack of IQ and has some very impressive demandings in taste, for example don’t buy that car, the antenna is at the wrong angle.

  63. I do have to take issue with the Jeeps vehicles on this list, with the exception of the Compass, but it was the original model years, the latest one in nicer, but all the Jeeps I and my family have owned, we have all loved them drove them and used them hard, and they all gave may years and miles of service. Then we get to the Dodge brand, and how he lambasted them, has he ever owned one? those that I have owned were great! About the only thing about this “story” I can accept, is there is no mention of the new Cadillac’s! that are very nice vehicles, with great driving dynamics, comfort and style, not to mention performance, not so much for the money, but then again it is a Cadillac.

  64. What a load of bollocks… This is an article with no substantiation, purely an interpretation by one person. To see a Lexus in this list is ridiculous. I have an IS and it’s a truly wonderful vehicle, it’s economical, has more than enough power for city driving and touring and the interior layout and design is way above average car standards.. the paintwork alone sets it apart from most, let alone hundreds of other points. It is my second Lexus (bought from new) and I have NEVER EVER had a problem mechanically with these cars. They are totally reliable, luxurious and clearly anyone who has an issue with them has never actually driven one or owned one for themselves.

  65. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, when that opinion is so unintelligent, or lacking of any real research on the matter, it makes you wonder if anyone even proofed this article before throwing it at the masses. What a heap of crud. The Lexus GS F is an amazing car. Just because it’s down on power in comparison to its rivals (it has a 5.0L V8 with 467 HP), doesn’t mean it’s “not as powerful as it needs to be”. According to who? This car handles amazingly! This reporter obviously hasn’t driven the car, and from the rest of her choices, knows very little about performance, let alone what constitutes luxury. You might want to consider leaving the automotive journalism to the pros, and stick to diaper changing!

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