15 Celebrities Who Have Secret Twins

Fans today tend to know a lot about their favorite celebrities. Thanks to social media, modern technology, and the never-ending tabloids, we have more insight into the personal lives of stars than ever before. Sometimes that can end up being a bit invasive for Hollywood celebrities, especially when they want to protect their privacy and personal relationships.

However, there are some celebrities where stardom seems to run in their family. From the Kardashian clan to the Baldwin family, there are a good number of famous people who share the limelight with their sibling(s). On the other hand, there are some celebrities who have siblings most people don’t even know about. Even more shocking are the ones who we don’t even realize are twins. Of course, there are famous twins like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen or Dylan and Cole Sprouse. But what makes the following twins interesting is that while one is well-known to their fans, the other has managed stayed out of the spotlight.

Read on for our first set of celebrity twins…