Top NBA Players Ranked By Their Number of Triple-Doubles

When playing basketball, it’s no surprise that the one goal everyone is after is a win. But in that quest other records are broken and other milestones are accomplished. One such accomplishment is the accumulation of a triple-double. In other words, achieving a double-digit number in three of the five basketball categories: points, assist, rebounds, blocked shots, and steals.

This list ranks the top twelve basketball players in NBA history by their total number of triple-doubles accumulated throughout their career. It takes into account all records from the first days of the NBA in 1946 through February 21st, 2019. Because the record keeping is still ongoing and some of the players on this list are still active in the NBA, this list could possibly still change down the road. Until then, here are the NBA players with the most triple-doubles to their names, in ascending order.