10 Types of Friends that are Worth Keeping Forever


Friends are people that become your family. They are your chosen few. They are the people that would do anything for you and anything with you at the drop of a hat; they are the people you never doubt. You call say anything to them and know that they’re not going to judge you behind your back; they’re going to judge you to your face. They make fun of you when it’s funny, they hug you when you’re down, they celebrate your successes and offer to hide bodies for you when people hurt you. They are everything. If there is one thing I’ve learned in the past decade, it’s that it is always better to have a small circle of a few very close friends instead of a wide array of fair-weather friends.

I am so fortunate to say that my husband and I have a group of friends who have all been married as long as we have, we have kids the same ages, we have the same values and successes, and we are all at the same point in our lives. We have more fun with these people than is probably even legal, and they’ve been in our lives for a very long time. I’m not ashamed to say that we have the best group of friends around, and each of them is worth keeping. It’s a good idea to learn to let go of people that don’t make you feel good, people that bring you down. Toxic friends are going to create tension and unwanted issues in your life, and getting rid of them is something that you should do. But you should always make an effort to keep in your life certain people because they are the best kind of friends you will ever encounter. And we have a list of the 10 types of friends you should hold onto.

Happy Friends

The people you surround yourself with should be happy. Otherwise, what do they bring to the table? We’re not saying they can’t have a bad day from time to time, but they shouldn’t be downers looking to make sure everyone else is feeling down, too. You need happy friends that are always looking at the bright side of things.

Successful Friends

You become like the five people with whom you spend the most time, so choose those people wisely. You should keep the successful people in your life, no matter what they do or how much they make. You will learn from their drive, passions, ambitions and habits and the little things that rub off on you will help you become more successful in the long run.

Adventurous Friends

When you have a friend willing to try anything with you, keep that person around. This is the person you want running a mud run, a color run or going with you to zip line over deep canyons. These are the people that will pick up on a Friday and hop a flight across the country to Vegas with you so that you can get on a helicopter and have a champagne brunch inside the Grand Canyon.

That One Friend You can Say Anything To

We all have one – or two – and they are the best friends. You can tell her she looks fat and she can tell you that no one likes you, and no one gets upset. You need that person in your life, because she makes you laugh and you are just perfect for one another.

Friends that Make an Effort

Friends who always make an effort to talk to you, to see you and to spend time with you are always worth having. As you get older and life takes over every aspect of your day, you have to keep close those who are willing to find five minutes in their busy schedule to make time for you. They are the ones who love you.

Loyal Friends

A loyal friend is priceless. This is the friend that will stick up for you no matter what. This is the friend who will not say one negative word about you to anyone, and who will not stand for anyone else doing the same. This is the friend that always has your back; and that’s priceless.

Honest Friends

You need an honest friend. It’s hard to come by honest people who are willing to say it like it is and never make excuses. This is the friend that is always straightforward with you, even if it means hurting your feelings to help you become a better person in the long run. Honesty is always a good policy, and that is especially true with good friends.

Funny Friends

Laughter is the best medicine; I don’t know if you know that. If you have people in your life that make you laugh endlessly, keep them. Funny people are the best kind, and there is nothing more attractive in a person than a sense of humor. This is the person with whom you can do absolutely nothing and have the most amazing time. Funny friends are good friends – keep them around.

That One Friend that Just Knows You

This is the friend that doesn’t need for you to open your mouth and say what you want to do or where you want to go or what you need. She instinctively just knows that you need or want something in particular, and it’s because she just knows you. She knows what makes you tick, what makes you laugh, when you say you’re fine, she knows you’re not; she just knows you so well.

Any Friend with Whom you can Exchange a Look and Know Exactly What the Other is Thinking

When you can carry on a complete conversation in your head with a split-second moment of eye contact and a raised eyebrow, you should keep this person in your life. A friend that knows you well enough to know what you are thinking like that is the best kind of friend.

Photo by Frank Micelotta

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