When An Autistic Student Failed His Tests, His Teacher Sent Home A Letter The Parents Never Expected

Parenting is both a joy and a struggle. Having a child is the biggest responsibility you can take on, and to those who choose to be parents, it is a learning experience that lasts a lifetime. There are so many joys of becoming a parent. You watch your children grow into fine young adults, and relish in their successes along the way. However, it is just as difficult as it is rewarding. Your children will fail, they will be hurt and cry, and they will struggle to learn how they fit in with the world. If you’re lucky, you will have other adults and role models that also support your child’s growth. Gail Twist, a strong woman and mother of a son with autism, had just that kind of role model in her son’s life. Read on to find out how one teacher changed the life of Gail and her amazing son, Ben.