This Biker Gang Is Committed To A Ridiculously Heartwarming Cause

When you think of biker gangs, you think of rough folks covered in tattoos that love to ride and are always ready for a fight. That stereotype could, in small part, be perpetuated by this group of bikers from New York. They’re tall, buff, and mean looking, but their bike club focuses on a mission that is so sweet. Rescue Ink, based in Long Island, NY, serves as a nonprofit that loves motorcycles and animals. It was started by biker Joe Panz along with a few other biker friends. After growing up in a tough environment, Panz wanted to change his life around and make an impact on those who can’t defend themselves. Thus, Rescue Ink was born.  Since their inception, Rescue Ink has made an incredible impact on those around them— from us humans to our four-legged friends. Learn about Panz’s incredible backstory and why he felt compelled to rise above his rough background and give back to the community.