Elderly Woman Raising 6 Great-Grandchildren Alone Gets An Incredible Surprise From Her Community

An elderly woman who goes by the name of Ms. Ella was struggling to make ends meet in Las Vegas. The kind 72-year-old was raising six of her great-grandchildren by herself on her monthly pension check and trying to pay the bills. With the mortgage and bills being sky high, the woman was barely getting by and definitely couldn’t afford the luxuries that her young great-grandchildren wanted. Her best friend, Alicestine Miller, who lived in California, knew that Ms. Ella was doing her best and wanted to assist in any way that she could. So Ms. Alice reached out to the FOX5 Surprise Squad in Las Vegas, a team at FOX5 KVVU-TV that often surprises deserving individuals with the help that they so desperately need. After hearing Ms. Ella’s story from her loyal best friend, the squad was able to get the community to rally around Ms. Ella with a huge surprise that would change her life.