Female Hiker Carries Lost And Injured Dog Six Miles To Save His Life

Single mom Tia Vargas from Idaho loves to hike. It’s a strenuous but exciting activity to stay in shape. Each year, she schedules a special hiking trip with her elderly father during the summer. It was also a great opportunity for the father-daughter duo to spend time together and make amazing memories. For their most recent trip, the pair decided to hike a trail in Wyoming for their summer adventure. It would be an interesting trip that they’d always remember but not because of the hike itself. Their plans would eventually be derailed by an English Springer Spaniel named Boomer who found himself lost in the mountains and severely injured. Refusing to leave the poor animal behind, Tia did the unbelievable. She hoisted Boomer on her shoulders, making the heroic decision to try to carry the dog down the mountain to get help. The decision would forever change both of their lives.