This Incredible Father Gave “Free Dad Hugs” To LGBTQ+ Children At Pride Whose Parents Rejected Them

LGBTQ+ Pride month takes place during the month of June each year. It is meant to be a time of celebration for LGBTQ+ individuals, encouraging acceptance, education, and support for the community. For many LGBTQ+ people, Pride month is an essential time to receive the support that they don’t get from family, friends, and strangers. While they may struggle to gain acceptance from those closest to them, they can find solace in a community that supports their right to love who they want and be who they are. However, being denied by those they love and adore can be a jarring and difficult experience.

Luckily, many allies during Pride turn up to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community. They aren’t fully able to replace the unaccepting friends and family that LGBTQ+ people have lost. However, they can comfort the community in knowing that there are open-minded, empathetic people on their side. One of these kind-hearted individuals recently went viral for his incredible display of affection towards LGBTQ+ kids who lost touch with their families due to their sexual or gender orientations. His dad hugs stirred up an incredible response online, touching LGBTQ+ people and their families across the world.