Top 15 Bestselling Large Luxury Cars Of 2018

Due to rising sales for crossovers and other SUVs, other car segments like compact and midsize cars saw a decrease in sales. However, large luxury cars seemed to still be successful this past year. Specific models, like the Mercedes Benz S Class and the Porsche Panamera, are great for those who want full-size cars with impeccable interiors, space to sit comfortably, and the best technology. Crossovers and SUVs may be all the rage right now, but full-size luxury cars still boast sophistication and exclusivity. Perhaps that’s why this particular car segment had a sales increase of almost 3,200 units for 2018 over 2017, selling 80,044 units. These cars that were sold all have their unique features and performance levels and also have a stylish flair that customers loved. Here are 15 of the top-selling large luxury cars in America for 2018 (ranked by sales) and why they stand out from the pack.