A Whole Town Banded Together To Make A Little Girl Feel Heard

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare: finding out your newborn baby has a disability. You immediately worry about health concerns, but you’re also concerned about how the child will be treated by others. It’s not easy being different. When you’re not like others, everyone seems to notice. It leads to emotional pain, especially if you cannot even communicate your struggles. For two-year-old Newton, Massachusetts native Samantha Savitz, it was obvious she was considered “different” from society. When she’s home with her parents, Raphael and Glenda, Samantha is free to be herself. No one cares about her disability. But the minute she steps outside her home and begins communicating with her parents, everyone knows she’s not like other toddlers. But luckily, not everyone treats her differently. A tribe has surrounded the Savitz family and helped Samantha feel heard in the most heartwarming, adorable way possible. Samantha now has plenty of friends– thanks to this very reason.